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  1. feb 12th prac

  2. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    yea sorry i ment weedy, was getting mixed up with the pics, my screens almost killed itself and shows everything as black & white...
  3. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    went out sat morning on the boat, few 100m out from tennyson, got on the bite around 9:30-10, off the bite around 1-2, ended up with 30gar, 30 squid and one great looking sandy whiting! we threw the sandy back of course!
  4. Tailem Bend.. Your Opinion ?

    will try to get a better vid up soon, this was just a quicky for something to do, background music suggestions would be much appreciated to!
  5. yea still haven't got it starting, heres a vid i got today, not sure why it happened but it did, anybody have any ideas towards it? hints, tips etc, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtyWXO1H3z0

    fark grats man, you'd be absolutely loving life right about now
  7. na there as thick as carp, last for hours out of the water, but as im not a cruel bastard i had a bucket lined up for him, and now since i gave it to a mate its got a 4ft tank to swim around in and is looking much healthier with the big filter he has running
  8. dont own the fish any more, my mate bought it off me and hes putting it in a 4fter that he has, ill get a pic of it soon
  9. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    may i ask how did you do it!
  10. whats that ment to mean! yea thats not a carp its either a fcked up goldfish or a koi i'd say but im probably wrong
  11. Injuries

    when i was young my dog rex bit my face and left a nice gaping hole to look through(no scaring so you would'nt know ) got knocked out with a wooden cricket bat playin cricket, cut my same leg open 3 times, dirt bmx accident when i was about 12, went up a ramp (i think it was about 3m high as i was a 'noob') the back wheel clipped and sent me over the handle bars and onto my elbows n had a nice 6mm thick by 6cm (roughly) wide/long flap of skin on the ground, had to carry it home as mum wouldn't , no broken, fractured/damaged bones at all, and then the usual cuts n bruises, slamming fingers in doors etc
  12. HARDSTYLE thread