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  1. -REAR S15 SEATS =$200 -S15 CLEAR CHROME TAIL LIGHTS =$250 -S15 DOOR CARDS =$70each -S15 DOORS WITH GLASS AND DOOR CARDS = $400each -S15 REAR WINDOW =$350 -S15 REAR QUARTER WINDOW =$150each -S15 CARPET =$150 -S15 REAR SHELF =$50 -S15 REAR VIEW MIRROW =$30 -S15 SIDE MIRRORS =$70each -3" CATBACK TO SUIT S15 MAY SUIT S14 = $150 -KENWOOD HEAD UNIT =$70 -ALPINE 6" SPEAKERS =$50pair -S15 BOOT LID =$150 -S15 SUNROOF GLASS AND OTHER STUFF U MAY NEED =$200 -IF YOUR AFTER SOMETHING THAT IS NOT UP THERE FROM A S15-S13 SEND ME A PM AND I'LL SEE WHAT I GOT There will be more to come that is all i can think of at this point in time Contact me txt me on 0408085125 Matt
  2. Short shifters

    Is Rb20 the same as rb25 box gear stick?
  3. Need some advice. my r32 has been sitting for awhile and the fuel tank is really dirty with like groth and rust kinda stuff. does anyone know any way i could clean my tank out and what with? all the help would be good. Thanks
  4. Wheels for sale!

    Hmmm 150$ lowballer:whistle:
  5. Wheels for sale!

    what tyres come with it?
  6. Wheels for sale!

    Mesh black rims with crome lip? best price? and are there 2 or 4
  7. Spotted cars

    So ur old sil is still around darwin, i must me missing something coz i never seen it
  8. Spotted cars

    LOL pretty nice car aye Still say mine "was" betta lol not that i have my silvia anymore. LOL well its mine if u didn;t know u must be needing to buy another silvia aye aye Also spotted Red with black rook 180sx today
  9. Spotted cars

    LOL pretty nice car aye
  10. newbei

    im just new in the forum... So you drive a Nissan??
  11. newbei

    welcome mark, are you just new the this forum or new to darwin all togeather?

    is S-Tune on the road i might go out
  13. Sup

    I know that car. is good to hear it stayed in the NT. sounds like it goes, alright
  14. for sale

    Dont think u'd even have to bump much on here, NOTHING HAPPENS
  15. I want package #2. can u send me a price on how much it will cost in freight? also how long will u guy be doing these at this price, i really would love to get that package at that price. Cheers Matt
  16. Hey like to know ur best price, for a s13 full kit, and postage to NT 0810
  17. Just recived the 7layer manifold gasket, dump pipe gasket and valve cover gasket, they were cheap as compared to price's i got from nissan up here. cheers for the service will shop here again
  18. Hi mate, can u pm me a price for these coilovers for a S13 and postage to NT 0810 Cheers matt
  19. Hey first my car is S13 SR20DET (redtop) Ok my problem is I just got my car changed from auto to manual. and now when i change gears and get back on the gas it stutters and back fires and goes Does the stuttering from about 2500rpm to about 3500pm then stops. What i have done to fix it Checked for Boost leaks and vac leaks, and had a look over the car seeing if something wasn't there. i dont know what it could be All ur help would be good thanks Matt
  20. Stuttering

    Looking for a TPS wiring from AUTO to MANUAL
  21. NT street scene cruise

    Just the useual truck city 9:30 lil meet!
  22. Stuttering

    Any other tips
  23. Stuttering

    I'm having the exact same problem with mine ever since i did the conversion. I have checked everything even changed the o2 sensor and cleaned the AFM. Have no idea what it is. I Think it is a tps problem, I changed my tps to a manual tps which is a 3 wire and auto one has 6 wires. Idiot of me hooked it up wrong, i had 12 volts going to it instead of 5 volts, i realised afterword when i had a look at it again 3 month later down the track, so i might have spiked the TPS. trying to find another tps at a wrecker. Hmm its very annoying. i dont think i'll change TPS yet but i'll change my O2 sensor, then if no fix, i'll change plugs and get split fire coilpack, and then if nothing changes i'll try Manual ecu. Anyone else got other ideas?