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  1. He's used the wrong link!! Somebody on a PC fix please, can't do it on iPhone....
  2. From what I've heard-the OP from PF had the case adjourned due to the floods?? Couldn't get there or some shit....?
  3. +1 to photobucket.... Then copy and paste image link into your post. Anyone else got pics?? Not on Facebook either so post them up here??
  4. It is now Tuesday! Where's the pics....?
  5. Just reading th Police News site for nsw and found this... "A man will appear in court next month after he was allegedly caught driving at more than 200km/h at South Wentworthville this morning. About 12:10am, highway patrol officers from Holroyd Local Area Command were conducting speed enforcement duties on the M4 near Coleman Street when they were alerted to the sound of loud revving from a car. It will be alleged a purple Nissan Skyline was detected travelling east on the motorway at 206km/h in the sign-posted 90km/h limit. " wonder if it's someone on here or not?? Either way I'm sure his arse is killing from the raping he would of got!!
  6. As far as I know, they only need to suspect it's too noisy to issue the defect, or Epa notice, them you or owner is responsible for proving otherwise by going to have it tested. Also in Nsw it only takes someone to get pissed off at you to call the DECCW to report you, and they can send a letter out requesting the car be inspected. *milkshakes*..... I have heard rumors popo cant actually defect you for too loud on the street as its not a testing station and its easy for something to interfere with the device . Correct me if im wrong but thats what i have heard .
  7. Pretty sure, in nsw at least, the test is done at ~4500 revs...correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. If it's Oem such as in the commos it's a whole different kettle of fish, it's not illegal to have a varex as stated, as long as it's under 90 with it fully opened. The commos cone with this system from factory so as such it's not a "modification"
  9. Speaking of that ^ wonder how Wayne Besanko and Powerchip are going? Been a bit quite on that topic lately.....
  10. Lol at the "cord" picture!!! Stupid *milkshake* is famous for being a nutter.....!
  11. Not raining or looking like rain down here in Wollongong...over cast but still stinking hot. A mate and myself might tag along too if weather stays like this. That is, if you don't mind a couple of Evos in the mix.....
  12. Battery Relocation

    +1 to the above.... BCF have cheap boat battery boxes which are fine... If not Supercheap....just remember to use the thickest cable and highest cca battery possible to help with voltage drop issues.
  13. I told you which filler to use.... It's been tried and tested and works just fine??
  14. Add another laptop to the f**ked list.....I'm having the same issues as everyone else, started a few weeks back- until now I couldn't work out what was going on, until I read this thread- then the penny dropped......
  15. I've just done a similar thing to you and repaired some major chunks in a fiberglass bar... I used a product called- Selleys Plasti Bond.... I says on box..."plastic putty for 1001 filling and bonding jobs" and " HEAVY DUTY" It's awesome to work with and they say it's not affected by water and can be used on most materials and fiberglass is first on list! Sets in 20 minutes too....