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  1. I don't have an overly hairy face, which is odd due to my woggy genes. Since I first started shaving I've used the electric approach, however now that I'm older I'm finding that despite brands/models, I'm not getting a nice enough, or close enough shave. It was only within the last month that I've made the switch to the disposable razor approach and whilst not fancy by any means, I'm already getting a better shave. After going through this thread, thanks to those who've shared reviews on products and experiences - I'll be looking at making the next step in upcoming months.
  2. Breaking Bad

  3. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Silvia's may not have sheer power unless highly modified, especially to keep up with todays market, 20+ years since they were first release....but they are raw. There's not alot in the way of fancy electronics and driver assists to them. For the most part, they are an engine, a steering wheel and a seat. I'd consider it a driver's car. Obviously some models have the luxury of abs etc, however the majority are pretty straight forward, basic and serve their purpose. Cars of today are jam packed with so many creature comforts it's almost like the car drives itself, and many don't even feel like you're in a car. I rode shotgun in my mates new EVO 10, and whilst I felt it was rather quick, smooth, safe and comfortable - it bored me. Yep, it looks awesome, it feels awesome and it can go like stink to match - but it lacks what the old s-chassis has: feeling. It's probably a personal thing, each to their own; but I prefer a slower car that gives me the impression it's being driven by me. I want that connectivity. This is something I strongly believe most all new cars lack. That being said, granted modern cars need to comply with the constantly increasing ADR, safety standards and regulations etc.....also consumers change. There are plenty of people that preferred the raw, primal feeling that a basic car provides - yet it's not usually a longevity thing. Situations change and driver's want different things from their cars.
  4. I love this quote! So many people be all like "yeah single life is the best life" Makes me lol so much. More like ya can't get a girlfriend and enjoy beating your own dick . It wasn't that long ago when you were a little tacker and thought the same thing as .RONE Had one for 7years and so much happier on my own, and that was a decent relationship for the most part. Beating my own dick isn't too bad. I don't have to spend the whole next day doing a plethora of useless activities which usually involve unnecessary expenditure. I have food and beverages at home, why the fu*k would I pay to have it somewhere else. I'm not saying single is the best life. I'm pretty RONEry...but it definately suits me a great deal better.
  5. Breaking Bad

    Holy dear Christ mother of awesome. Blood Money was insane.
  6. Stay single. Mo' time and money for race car. Less headaches.
  7. tax times fun times

    only got $1200 back
  8. Looks so boss without the stretch.
  9. Nah, I'm dead serious this time round Pmod. I'm probably more of a Shang Tsung kind of fellow however, can you ammend that for me? Dope picture though. Props.
  10. Yeh yeh....long overdue yet again. Been busy with other things, however thought I'd drop in. Got a little carried away, as we all do....and started modifying the daily with some basic mods. I'll try get some new pictures soon, possibly this weekend if weather holds out - however here's one for now. At the moment she's copped: - chrome fender mirrors - RA23 celica chin lip moulded into apron - Nardi deep dish woodgrain steering wheel - T3 coilovers up front - lowering blocks in rear - tsurikawa for passenger - JVC headunit and parcel shelf 6x9's - 14x6.5+7 work excels up front with spacer - 14x8-3 ssr riversides on rear - custom stainless weathershields - lowered 3inches all round Plans for the rest of the year are: - reset the leafs properly in the rear to sit closer to 4inches - lower the front more to match - upgrade the front brakes a bit - get adjustable lower control arms - new better front wheels That's pretty much the plan anyway, I'd like to convert it over to manual within a year and have a tough little 4k with bike carbs built for it too....one step at a time. It's pretty obvious I like the car more than my s13, despite the fact it's definately a little rough around the edges. That being said, for a near 40 year old car she's does alright. As for the Shinigami...well, life situations have changed. I've been fortunate enough until now to have a place to constantly store and work on it, though that's changing at the end of the year. Aside from a lack of storage, I'm essentially over it. The never ending quest for cleanliness whilst also never cheaping out or taking shortcuts has taken its toll on me. Though there's light towards the end of the tunnel as far as what's left to achieve, it's also still going to be a very expensive excercise to do it at the level I'd be happy with and I honestly can't see myself throwing an abundance more cash at it as so it meets my standards. Within the next couple of months I'll know for sure whether or not I'm able to keep it. If I can, I'll leave it in storage until motivation comes back, otherwise expect a massive part out list and package prices within the next few weeks. Thanks RONE
  11. tax times fun times

    Just got my certificate...says 10G tax witheld...last few years I've only got like $800 back...i want like 3grand. What is the maximum you can claim on everything without receipts for things?
  12. I removed mine. Know a few other who've done so too, can't be too bad, though most likely not legal, but you own an import so who cares? I just used a 30cm bit of vac hose off the fuel tank hardline and made it loop backwards towards the back of the car, cable tied in place.
  13. Drifting quitters

    Sooo this. Even worse when it's your daily street car and you buy a temporary replacement. All motivation goes out the window and you start modding the daily. HAHAHAHAHA. Yep, my s13 has been neglected and my corolla now gets the love.
  14. P plate turbo help!

    hahahaha Pmod
  15. For some reason I thought this thread was about a kitten parade. Excitement led to sudden disappointment.