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  1. 2001 Toyota Celica Sx - $9,900

    Make : TOYOTA CELICA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 150000 Price : $9,900 Condition : Used Up for sale is a 2001 Toyota Celica ZZT231R SX. It's a nice P-plater friendly sports car that has a fairly punchy 1.8L 2ZZ-GE engine that puts out about 134kW at the engine. Nicely spaced out six speed manual gearbox. Good city car that is very reasonable on fuel but also cruises quite comfortably on the highway. It's got variable valve timing and lift (VVTi-L), so for those not familiar it is Toyota's own version of VTEC, with a second stage valve lift control for intake that was added to the variable intake cam phase timing at higher RPMs. The owner has about 2 - 3 cars currently so this car only gets driven occasionally for short trips to and from work. As with all cars he has owned, they are serviced regularly at his mechanic at either 5,000km intervals or 10,000km intervals at the least. Priced to sell and quite negotiable for serious buyers. Some nice features: Has factory sports front seats Factory leather handbrake & shoft knob Factory leather sports steering wheel 15" Axis multispoke sports rims Twin A-Pillar sports gauges Veilside style rear bar Veilside style side skirts TRD Spoiler Yellow painted calipers Alpine Headunit with MP3/USB/AUX & iPod compatibility (Alpine iPod cable supplied) Otherwise everything else including engine has been left completely standard, vehicle was purchased as is. Nothing has been added by current owner except for regular maintenance of the vehicle. One thing to note is there is slight yellowing of the headlights which appear to be a Toyota-prone trait in all their plastic lenses. Can be touched up with anti-fog polishing kits and is not permanent. MSG or PM Simon (the poster of this ad) 0421 575 057 Or MSG the owner of this vehicle, Jason: 0433 098 028 Asking price: $9,900 ONO flexible for serious buyer as would like to move this car on ASAP. Thank you for your time guys.
  2. Price : $1,400 Condition : Good Putting up for sale a set of FOUR XXR 527 in 18 x 9.75 +22 Comes with Federal Super Street 595 tyres in 235/40/18 all round. Chromium black and in EXCELLENT condition. Many of you may have seen my car around. Too aggressive for this car and don't want to do anymore guard work. Interested in Evo Enkeis or GTR rims or anything that will fit over Brembos with cash adjustment either way if necessary. Would like a less aggressive wheel so I can put some serious rubber on there for proper driving. Very good condition rims, also lots of tread on tyres. Breakdown when purchased new: $1100 for rims, $600 for tyres. Less than 6 months old. 0421 575 057 prefer SMS, Cheers guys, Simon.
  3. 2012 Mitsubishi Galant - $15,000

    Make : MITSUBISHI GALANT Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 110000 Price : $15,000 Condition : Used Expression of Interest Body: 2001 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Twin Turbo Series 2 Facelift (110,xxx kms) Factory colour: Pyrenees Black Pearl Engine: 3-Port Boost Solenoid (Turbo Mitsubishi must have item to control boost) Xtreme Heavy Duty Clutch (Brand new) Transformance Engineering (TME) Tune producing 181kW at all four wheels (15psi) Antilag with Launch control set at 4500rpm Exhaust: Custom 3" Catback system made by Exhaust Technology. Oval JunBL Spiral muffler with two long straight tips and a single resonator. NO DRONE. These cars are known to drone like a bitch with poorly thought out exhausts. HKS SSQ4 Blow off valve. Pew pew for lack of flutters. Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers (10kg/8kg) 32 way damper adjustability Brakes: Evo 8 BREMBO Four pot fronts, two pot rear. Painted Gold. Slotted and grooved RDA rotors on all four EBC Redstuff on all four. HEL ADR approved brake lines on all four. Wheels: Brand new: CST Hyper Zero 1 in Bronze (Not pictured) 18 x 9.5 +23 on all four Kumho KU31 235/40/18 on all four (Brand new) Interior: Grip Royal Royalknight leather Steering wheel Works Bell Boss Kit BLOX Racing Limited Series Platinum 450grams Shift Knob Pioneer Headunit USB/MP3/AUX & iPod Response Audio Kevlar 6" Component Front Speakers 12" Pioneer Subwoofer with Enclosure KENWOOD KAC-8105D 1000W Mono Amp Evo 4 Super Short Shifter ADM Evo 8 GSR Recaro Bucket seats Red & Black Checkered Floor mats (For dem JDM feeeels) RAZO Carbon Fibre Pedals Hi-Vis Dash Custom Q Creations three gauge pod. (Replaces factory clock position) Exterior: eBay M3 style boot spoiler Smoked Side Winkers Pumped and Rolled front and rear guards. 20mm wider on all corners Ghetto clark rubber front lip Factory spoiler delete, LED strip third brake light. (Pretty different and pimp imo) Custom Q Creations fibreglass eyelids All mechanical work carried out at Driven Motorsport. Can call and ask Jonson about my car no worries. NON-AYC!!! Active Yaw Control diff is known to leak or die. I bought a VR-4 intentionally without AYC to avoid this problem. Used to run some big ass wheels. Guards have seen scrubbing. Front bar has some too low scrapage action. Rear passenger corner has some light damage from retarded post. Price is a firmish: $14,000 Slightly Negotiable. Willing to swap for a manual JZX100. No hurry to sell at all. PM Me or 0421 575 057
  4. Great to see another spares company, Makes sourcing bits a hell lot easier. Gotta start looking for Galants/Legnum wrecks with some goodies on them. Ozvr4.com peeps would be all over it, including me.
  5. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    daamn, sounds like she's getting rooted lol.
  6. Genuine Origin Aero parts, lenses and wheels

    It's a bit of a stretch but is there anything for Galant/Legnum? Or are you located somewhere so I can test fit to see if any of the boot lids happen to fit a Galant?
  7. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Sorry guys, I'm not really into photography so I couldn't be assed touching up all my fail photos. However, I did end up doing a few that were passable. http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=523310
  8. Tyre power on mile end. I go to them all the time. They have cheap prices and great service.
  9. I know both parties, both are fobs and I haven't been able to get in touch with them. The white evo 7 with the orange ce28s belongs to the younger guy who is generally quite a sensible guy. The other with the blue evo x has had a lot of money spent on the car and was looking to sell it because he just purchased an evo mr which is semi auto so his wife could drive.
  10. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    You guys wouldn't have left by 5:00 right? I finish work at 4:30 so I'll get there around 5. Don't have my 180 anymore but say hello to me and my stanced out black galant vr4.
  11. haha +1 on sale = for sale? limited = could be any period of time lol
  12. i think anything is welcomed, no one is gonna shun a car that rolls in anyway. sure some people may group up into little huddles, but that's expected. if you roll up in a pink kitted up ricemobile lancer, go for it. you will be judged etc, but no one will be mean and shun you i'm sure. especially since this is only growing and beginning, anything is welcome...right?
  13. Didn't last long did it? I rolled up in my black galant and ten minutes later everyone flexed haha. Was good though, need more!
  14. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Had a go at filming a car montage. It's not a great car but was practicing the shots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-S11DQhZ4
  15. What seat is this?

    It appears to have those tiger stripes? If so, it is a late model S13 SR seat.