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  1. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I have looked in the to 255 fronts on the s13 there is a bit of work however it is possible. I think you would need a 9" rim with a minimum of +22 offset. I currently run a 255 rear with 225 front. It seems to work well enough the car is fairly balanced. If you can get a set of Advan A050's for 600 can you send me a link. Has been too long since i have had my car out but planning on getting back into it next year just need some new boots for the car
  2. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    nice work, just goes to show the little s13 with the right mods can still hang in there with much more expensive cars
  3. 180sx circuir, hillclimb , fun car

    the leak at the top just sounds like the shifter seal very simple fix.
  4. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    nice work!!!! it is a fun track
  5. S13 sprint and IPRA

    this provides support from the half rail that runs down the passengers side rail on the s13, seems to stiffen up the car a little bit
  6. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    nice garage, i'm looking at building my shed soon, with the 4 post hoist did you have to go thicker with the concrete?
  7. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    nice i'm thinking about doing this for my car, let me know how it goes.
  8. BC then MCA coilovers

    I have a friend of mine running MCA red in his s15, it is purely a track car run in Vic. He rates them but was running tien before this that we're getting tired. I'm running HSD coil overs in my car and prefer these to BC much more durable on track. After having a drive of my mates s15 with the mca's they will be the next set of coil overs I get. My personal experience with them is at Phillip island, not sure what they are like on a bumpy track like Winton or sandown. But I know he has run some decent times at sandown with crappy Achilles 123's
  9. what helmet you guys run?

    I run a Bell Carbon Kevlar with HANS device, way way better than the motorbike helmet I used to run never had issues with fogging up, and heaps lighter The cost of these can be high but as someone mentioned it is cheap in the grand scheme of things when going to track. I'm 181cm also running an s13 with fixed rails to get me as close to the floor as possible and my helmet still touches the padding on the cage every now and then.
  10. New seat recommendations for 180SX

    as others have said dont go for a copy seat and i woudn't use bride seats they dont stand up well in an accident. find a 2nd hand recaro with recaro rail and make sure you use high tensile nuts and bolts. if you go anything from a skyline you will need to mod the rail slightly to make it fit properly if you do this make sure it is done right. if the seat or the rails fail in an accident it is your back or worse still your life that will suffer.
  11. Brake pedal feel issue

    check the one way value that goes to the booster and make sure that isn't leaking, if that is fine swap the booster for another one
  12. What size, width and offset are these?
  13. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    arh k, if you only doing single laps reach out the MG car club and ask some of the guys what tyres they use for hill climbs, I know there run really soft tyres that heat up quickly.
  14. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    If your going to run sports sedans I'm pretty sure they run slicks and there will be a category sponser that will make things a lot cheaper. In improved prod it is all advan a050. Have a chat to the sport sedan association.
  15. S13 sprint and IPRA

    not much has been happening with this, but should be back out on track early next month. I ended up getting another project this will be the daily for a little while. has been rebuilt with highflow turbos, needs a few things like new clutch and gearbox but that should be all sorted soon