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  1. checking for spark and working it from there is probably a good idea, and petrol isnt silly at all! My fuel pump is a bit dodgy, in the way that when i use about 3/4 of my tank, it will start to only get a bit of fuel, and make horrid noises, but, im sitting on a good half empty, so it should be fine, will fill it though if i do get spark, then where do i head? i guess, test the CAS wiring with a multimeter? if i get a current through that, then im lost
  2. It was running fine for 30 min after the swap though, just suddenly stopped CAS was left alone, only unplugged and re plugged in the once, until the car stopped after running for 30 mins
  3. Hey guys Just done a turbo swap with a mate who is a very decent mechanic and friend. I've done a swap before and, well, everything should be fine. Unplugged CAS to tick over for a bit to get some oil through the system. then plugged back in Car started perfectly fine, ran for 30 minutes on idle, then took for a very light drive, got 30 seconds down the road and to 3rd gear, then died and now won't start. It ticks over fine, but just won't start. Played around with the CAS a fair bit, and played a little with the AFM plug as its the sr20 AFM running the Z32 Plug, but, even if it was the plug, it should still start? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated Glen
  4. Sr20det exhaust manifold

    Does it matter which water lines on the block are used for the 2 water lines on the turbo?
  5. Sr20det exhaust manifold

    and if it is an s13 manifold, on my s14, will it puit the turbo in the exact same place? i dont want to have to make a custom intake pipe and do a custom exhaust/oil return :/
  6. Sr20det exhaust manifold

    is that slot in the middle of the openning going to cause any problems? my stock s14 one is just open from memory
  7. Help identidy this exhaust manifold for me please? Its an SR stock manifold, has no EGR port at all. Must it be an s13 manifold? or could it be a JDM s14 manifold? or did they use EGR there as well? Cheers Glen
  8. i just figured out how to get to the rear coilover damper adjusters! Changed from Front: 6 From Hard Rear: 6 From Hard to Front: 10 From Hard Rear: 15 From Hard Now, im in the wet at the moment, but i did get to go for a little spirited driving. it is DEFINITELY smoother and less rough, didnt do any tight turns so i dont know if the back will still hop or not. Felt fine while driving, got to take a sweeping corner at about 90 and there wasnt any chassis roll that i could feel seemed the same as before, just a bit less rough and break-ya-back spec
  9. Quick and silly question, how do i get to the rear coilover damper adjusters in an s14? jump on the drivers seat, fold down the back seats, then what? im having trouble removing the parcel shelf carpet stuff
  10. so, 10 from hard on the rear would give more traction than 5 from hard?
  11. Hey guys! For those of you who use BC BR coilovers, or coilovers that are 32-way adjustable, what setting do you have your fronts and rear on and for what use? I have had mine for about a year now, they were set up by the suspension mechanic and set to 26, front and rear. I have never played with them and would love to hear what you guys have your 32-way adjustable coilovers set at! Cheers Glen EDIT: May be 30-way adjustable
  12. Hey all! SO, my H4 HID's came with a relay wiring harness. All is fine with it, runs great But i've ordered a H3 HID kit for my high beam, and the kit doesnt include a harness and looks like it can run off of the stock wiring. It's a 55w Kit. Should it be fine to run off of the old wiring? will any damage occur? should i try it, and see if it blows any fuses? or should i jump on the bay and great a relay wiring harness designed for H3? Cheers Glen
  13. Hey guys, just after some photos of your custom audio installations in Silvia's. Just after some ideas Getting some amps and a sub but, am a little short on placement and mounting. If you have any subs or amps in your Silvia, Send in a photo