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  1. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    thanks so much man, muchly appreciated. everyone has already recommended you to do the job, i was just waiting to see what the outcome was gonna be... would you prefer to modify standard knuckles mate? or you have no worries fixing the ones i already have? and if its ok with you, i would rather send my LCA's to you as well, for piece of mind knowing a good job will be done. as i want them extended for a little more track and clearance. thanks again, ill pm you after i speak to the installer on sunday. as i still plan on getting some money back, or standard knuckles.
  2. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    so my car is still sitting in the backyard broken. pretty much given up on the idea of getting any money back on the knuckles, all i really want is to give them back to him and get the standards back in return.. so im taking the knuckles off, and driving 2.5 hours for the installer to inspect them as he believes the welds are perfect. and that everyone talking shit has no idea what their talking about. [he's words not mine, i know they they belong in the bin] and i know the end result will be me left empty handed and with an undriveable car. bummed out cos ive missed 2 wetpan days in a row. before that i hadnt missed a driftmob day all year. i asked him if they are s13, 14 or 15 knuckles with no response. ive got s15 hubs so i must have s15 knuckles cos i read that s13 knuckles dont match up to 15 hubs... spindle is a different size, thicker on s15's i think.. also, i paid $200 for 'aftermarket, steering rack, maximum lock, knuckle adapters for tie rod to reach knuckle'... what are they?????? only just noticed that on the receipt.. tie rods are aftermarket 'strengthend uras style with built in spacer' so unsure if s13 as well. what should i do guys?? im glad to go back to standard lock, as i wasnt getting much more than standard anyways, and ill save for some good knuckles in the future. there are more important things i need first. while ive got it up on stands im taking the LCA's off and getting them welded by a guy who knows what he's doing this time. and ive seen his work, he is highly reccomended. moral to my life is: do more shit myself, research before getting sucked into crap. any help would be good guys. thanks, and haters i dont need your talk.
  3. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    the ones that are coming out soon?
  4. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    i know what you mean, i dont need it, but it sure was good while it lasted. im having fun just throwing myself in the deep end. i done 3 wetpans, and 1 peanut night before i got the knuckles. so i had sort of learnt the car with standard lock anyways. the alignment is gonna be the hardest thing to re-learn i think, getting the hang of how it is set up now, then when its setup properly with more neg camber ill have to learn it. and will have more track and traction.. has there been a solid answer to this question? What knuckles are the best, all i hear is negative.. are they all shit and nissan wins?? if i get some cash back i would like to buy some good ones. and i know they are expensive, but hopefully worth it.
  5. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    thanks for the info man. hope something good will come from this, but i doubt it. nothing ever goes my way. are you talking about dane pryce with the red 180? tie rod came out of rack on the peanut? i have the same tie rods =/ yeah i plan on flaring the guards a fair bit man.. was gonna buy widebody but broke as fk.
  6. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    ive organised for my LCA's to be cut and shut, just not 100% sure how much i should extend them by? alot of people go 20mm with some people going 25mm as well. the more extended the more it will push the bottom of the wheel out and allow for more clearence with castor rod and swaybar when at full lock? or am i missing the point?.. plus i am keen to try drifting without the front swaybar to see the difference.. $180 for LCA's, and done within a couple of days, decent value, i know the quality will be good this time.
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    obviously the wrong people..
  8. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    thanks man, i just bought some otomoto meshies 16x9+0 so i really need to sort the camber + lca's out. trying to find someone that will cut and shut my LCA's 20mm. someone who will do a good job this time. and power by max knuckles really shit? what is good then?......
  9. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    not sure who welded them, but the work was carried out by drift racing industries, which everyone told me was highly respected in the sydney drifting community. but after all the problems are emerging from the work he has done, the more everyone is telling me how dodgy he is. the more i learn about my car and drifting, the more i see i was taken advantage of.. i only started sliding this year, my 2nd s13 but first turbo. i cant remember the reason, but i was told by above person that there was no way i could run more neg camber up front without crazy clearance issues, not until i get longer control arms. my camber tops have heaps of adjustment left, but i dont know what im doing so i trusted other people. before he put knuckles and tie rods in i had neg 3 camber. sorry i dont know much but it looks like im slowly learning the effing hard way. plus i have crap tools, no shed, no knowledge, no one to motivate me etc etc..
  10. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    and yeah i know cut and shut jobs arent indestructable, but should last more than 5 months of learner drifting, i havent done anything too crazy. and yeah i know i need longer LCA's, only thing is i need to find a good fabricator to do the job for me, as i clearly dont have any contacts at the moment =/ same guy who put knuckles in said i should get adjustable lca's, but others tell me cut and shut about 20-25mm standard s13 is better for clearance. just wish i knew some decent people to work on my car.. and not walk all over me.
  11. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    thanks guys, all the replies are great. im definately trying to get my money back, as well as the standard knuckles, that way i can get something good like i should have done to start with. not sure who done them, i got them put in with a whole bunch of other stuff, by someone i was told i would be in good hands. i was fooled into thinking they were good. i went way too wide on the big right hander at raleigh go cart track. was binding full lock left and couldnt get it off lock quick enough and dropped about 6 inches maybe, my rear end was coming off it all day but this was the first time i dropped the front. nothing too crazy, i just had really bald de-lamming tyres and went crazy wide. might have come off and went back up the ditch at full lock but cant remember.. definately not a ripple strip. is it easy to snap the tie rod end bolt? cos a few people bent tie rods at raleigh, but not snapped the end.
  12. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    yeah man im pretty pissed, he recons he's gonna sort it out, but i want it to last alot longer this time.. my alignment is shithouse since i got the knuckles and longer tie rods and spacers. front toe in neutral 0 degrees. 6.5 castor only -1.5 camber but that was back in june, need longer LCA's to sort my lock issues, apparently i cant go more neg camber the way it is, clearence problems
  13. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    i was drifting at the raleigh matsuri last weekend. dirt dropped the front end at full lock and snapped my tie rod end, didnt think much of it, trailered it home, managed to drive it in the yard with someone manually turning the wheel for me, took the wheel off to have a look and try and swap the tie rod end over, i noticed a dirty big crack in my knuckle. i had bought some 'modified, custom made maximum lock steering knuckles' back in june.. drifted the wetpan and peanut at Eastern Creek a few times, street driven a max of 100km's since they were put in, was told they were the best thing going pretty much, paid way too fking much, now theres a huge crack in the welds. all i wanna know is how long they are meant to last for? ive done fk all drifting on them, dirt drop once or twice and they crack.. dodgy welding the culprit here? is there any chance of this happening with good stuff like power by max or godspeed's? contacted seller and he is gonna talk to the manufacturer... im not happy, would like full refund but i know that wont happen, if he offers to reweld should i hit him up for money and get someone else to weld them? paid $450 plus swapped my standards, shouldn't have got sucked into buying these and got something decent to start with. where it scrubs at full lock, still have standard s13 LCA's and might get rid of the front swaybar not sure if full lock but it does have a little..
  14. f**k yeah, the 180 looks good man. black is always good. is it sr20? sorry if i missed it, dont yell at me. and not being a smart arse, but full cage/side bars coming soon? saved you in the s13.. good to see your out sliding again.
  15. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    good stuff man, those steel shitters on the back look so good in the pics =] ive got the welded diff in now and its such a dog on the road now, sick of it already lol really good when sliding tho. so its staying