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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 159000 Price : $10,500 Condition : Used PRICE DROP TO 11,500!! *** 2000 ii R34 GT-T Sedan *** I have owned this car for just over 2 years but due to a career change i need to sell. Exterior Mods- - Change to series 1 front bar (Better looking and better air flow) - Tinted windows done by 619 customs on port road (Legal but still nice) Interior Mods- - 7inch Double din Pioneer touch screen head Unit - High end Competition Focal front 6,5inch splits speakers - DynoMat inside Front doors for better sound (Gets rid of road noise better bass) - Original Skyline floor matts worth $270 Performance Mods- - Chrome Cooling Pro front mount intercooler ( Looks Tuff ) - Custom turbo back stainless steel Exhaust With Largest Jun-Bl Cannon done by Marky Mark @ Exhaust technology's - Apexi Super suction pod Filter - Nistune After Market computer With safe tune Done By Morri At Horse power in a box (Better Fuel consumption and power) The car Has a few features from factory Like the Sort after stock Body Kit with a Rear Lip Spoiler, Rear Pods and side skirts. This car is Very much loved and cared for and has been my pride and joy ever since i got it, It will be missed. Feel free to call me on 0416153371 to arrange Inspections, test drives or just to inquire more about the car. Cheers Tom.
  2. Hey guys, Just seen this article on Adelaide now and thought it would be worth while sharing. If this is accurate its going to lead to much more than just cheap fuel costs. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/trillion-shale-oil-find-surrounding-coober-pedy-can-fuel-australia/story-e6frea83-1226560401043
  3. I don't even think the media really realize just how many jap cars have actually gone missing, although it does seem to have reduced recently for some reason.
  4. So who is going this weekend?

    Definitely will be there Mr Timothy sounds like Kahli has put together a very good meet/cruise can't wait to see the turn out.
  5. Window Tint in Adelaide

    lol ^ Yeah mine's still fine Chris
  6. Epic car fail thread

    Seen that car in a Performance import magazine a while ago, couldn't work out weather i liked it or not... Hmmmm i like it, But Not sure if i like it because it would do mad skidz or because it looks good
  7. I reckon thats whats happening at my place I should look into getting it checked if you're going to look in to it, check your meter against your bill first. missus works for an electricity company and has had quiet a few people call up thinking they're being over charged, end up being way under and have to pay more. as for my usage, not sure off the top of my head, but bills around $400 a quarter. that's with: fridge, A/C, led tv/ps3 together, pc running constantly, elec stove, elec hot water, laptop/tablet/ds etc being charged. mind you, being that she works for them, we get some discount, but not much more than average customer See its stuff like that i would have had no idea about lol Cheers mate I'll see if i can track down my bill and have a suss of the meter thanks again
  8. Rim help ?

    Yeah fair enough Can't go wrong with genuine forged jap rims
  9. I reckon thats whats happening at my place I should look into getting it checked
  10. Rim help ?

    So are you looking at getting a replacement rim or a entire new set?
  11. Epic car fail thread

    You can't help but wonder if that Tarago does in fact get used on the ranch, moving cows along. I'd say the headlights are stained with cow shit. MOOOOOooovvvve along
  12. I might make a call to find out if they still do the sleep over thing at jail
  13. 4 adults 1x 55 inch (use most nights) 1x 42 inch (Not used often) 1x double door fridge 1x dryer ( Used once ever week about 1-2 hours) 1x washing machine (Used once ever week about 1-2 hours) 1x electric shower (used daily, no gas 1x electric stove (used most nights) 1x Crappy old heater (Costs a but load to run so now no longer use) Our first Quarter: $963 split by 4 My Gf and house mates used the heater non stop during winter and the dryer was also frequently used until we got this bill. Now i have become know as a electricity nazi because I wont let them use the heater at all and no dryer unless its raining but I'm keen to see the next bill.
  14. My favorite is 2001: A Face Sitting Odyssey or Ass Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Brown Eye
  15. **Rents porn** "Hey babe you really need to see this vivid really important documentary on self help"