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  1. https://www.chasebays.com/product/nissan-240sx/chase-bays-products/chase-bays-power-steering-kit-for-nissan-240sx
  2. how to do lobster back piping

    If you have the time and some scrap the costs are minimal. 3" or 4" 90 degree bends are expensive and the radius may not suit. Lobster back looks cool too.
  3. DR1F7 K1NG

    That was a great read hahaha
  4. How did this get so complex? Counting links or pins, it's the same shit although counting pins there's more of them and they're smaller so more chance for a miscount. Just buy another DE for $200, slap it in and stick to the manual next time.
  5. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  6. Hi car people

    Welcome. That looks pretty clean. What are your plans for the car?
  7. Befriend someone in the aircraft industry. There's tonnes, well Kg's of it in the air conditioning system. I had a crack a TIG welding some that i "acquired" from my old workplace and it wasn't nice to weld. Awfully thin also. I think the tube i had was around 0.015"
  8. WHY IS MY SPEEDO IN MPH ?!?!?!?

    change your diff to reverse the ratio change.
  9. S13 Outlaw Sports Sedan

    Usually the fuel return from the engine feeds back into surge tank then the surge tank overflow feeds back into tank so the surge tank is always full.
  10. Just buy GKtech RAS. Made from the same material as tomei. And google "rocker arm stopper purpose" Plenty of information already online.

    Got in shit at a wedding yesterday when a silver ceffy on 33 gtrs cruised into the driveway of the reception. Got distracted during the photos and the photographer cracked it Haha. Anywho the ceffy was swell, nice and low and very clean. Spotted in Monbulk.
  12. Put my cage in today. Then did a skid.
  13. X force exhaust

    I had a stainless ccatback on my s14. Had one of the mounts snap off, I did have an off track adventure or two and got beached pretty bad. Did bolt up perfectly to my standard front pipe at the time. Also the muffler cracked, but again probably my own doing. As for the exhaust note, pretty quiet with the mid muffler. Definately worth the $180 I paid for it secondhand. (also sold the front pipe for $50) Would i pay retail? Probably not.