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  1. 2000 forester

    most likely also could be from YES the tappet cover gaskets but they also carry a seal around the plug hole inside the rocker cover.. And also please explain more about the timing light issue.?
  2. Replacing stock steering wheels

    im pretty sure in the ACT the motor registary rules allow the steering wheel to be changed. Just disconnect the airbag fuse (and the battery aswell for the horn) unscrew the screws and the nut (usually a bigger size, 24mm maybe?) and bobs your uncle.
  3. Engine wont start

    check your fuel pump brooo
  4. legal suspension height..

    you can add 2 inches and stay legal, so from 13" you can go 15" etc. Sportivo Camrys are stock 15" so go to 18" and you should fly. If in doubt ring shopfront or the motor registary.
  5. jesse streeter's new s13..

    Love the kit on it!
  6. bodykit glue?

    he got the right idea haha
  7. getting a job in high performance

    f**k dude..25 an hour is what mechanics get here in wagga. [quote name=blingcommander' date='30 June 2010 - 03:38 PM' timestamp='1277872727' post='5817977] gotta agree with kemp, boilermaker wage kills mechanic wage. few that i know don't get out of bed for anything less than $100 an hour
  8. Coil over Installation

    Not even that dude if you have an air compressor and the right tools..simple
  9. Girlfriend Needs A New Car

    Could always go supra, they're cheaper and a great car. Also easy for mods or standard whatever the issue.
  10. Brake lights

    That could be failed , if that doesn't do it then it could be a possible wire burnt which can happen. If that isn't it, call an auto elec.
  11. What's that BMW model?

    nah its like a bmw e46 i think, lil 2 door coupe 6cyl rwd, pretty sure its a e 36 or 46. cheers anyway.
  12. Hey dudes Does anybody know the model off the BMW, shaped like the E series but it's a coupe and has a little spoiler. Help? Cheers
  13. JET200 sneak peak

    I rekon car looked better before with he silver paint and black vinyl, but let's try some new shit
  14. New Honda s2000 announced

    looks ugly
  15. Tips on timing belt on EJ25

    i heard that having it on a hill helps. Kind of a stange theory though lol.