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  1. Ok, so this all began around 12 months ago when i decided that my s15 was just to nice to go out and ruin on the track, so I decided to get out and about searching for a cheap shitter to do skids in. I came across this sileighty pretty much straight away at a price that was more or less a steal. It had a deccw (epa) defect on it and was rough around the edges, but had a few minor mods inc and s14 sr20det, a haltech, fmic exhaust etc. It also had s15 seats fitted, which was a bit of a bonus. Now, after i bought it and got it home, i decided to tidy it up and try my luck at getting the defect cleared, and with a few changes like the exhaust + airbox, it was rego'd once again. After the defect was cleared, i figured i'd do a few more little mods and get it tuned, so it went off to JEM and managed to make just over 200rwkw. Once it was tuned i took it out for a wetpan day and the diff was shit to say the least, single spinners and unpredictable. I fixed that.... At this stage i didnt like the old original CA brakes, so i opted to go for a 5 stud conversion, as one of those come up dirt cheap as well. at about the same time i fitted some cheapie coilovers. Then some Drifteks. I dont think the car even left the shed with the drifteks on when a set of work equips came up on the forum at an awesome price. so i bought them as well. After getting some fitment happening and some guard hammering, some matt black pressure pack love, And a heavy hardpark the car sat like this. This was about the time november matsuri had popped up, and a mate and I decided we would go out for a bit of fun. So we loaded the cars up and took off, Sadly, I only have a few action shots from the weekend, but needless to say we had some fun... Blew a couple of tires, and destroyed one of the lower quarters After Matsuri, not A lot changed with the car, did a few wetpan days, nothing to exciting. Then the SAU Texikhana came up on the 12 Feb, so we figured we'd go out there as well to finish off the few tires left over from matsuri. We went out with the intention of getting kicked out before lunch, it was a motorkhana day, but we figured F*ck it, we'll go and just run a muck. After blowing both tires, and sending the belts + tread well and truly up in the air, destroying the camera i had mounted on the side of the car and smashing the f*ck out of my quarters, I thought i was going to get booted for sure, Instead lol's were had and i was asked politely to pick up my mess... So i Threw on another pair of tires, and went out again.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_B-nlUShmk After popping my last tire in that run, it was time to pack it up. With the quarters both belted to death, it was time for a tidy up, I had a bodykit at home waiting to go on, so now was the time to fit it, and give the car a full respray. (Note: These pics taken prior to awesome quarter panel damage) This brings us to now, the car is currently repaired + rubbed back for paint, and will hopefully be getting painted soon. Will update with more pics soon..
  2. Haha, I really need to get some footage of it on the track, such a little weapon!
  3. Just a little jab in the shed... These things happen. http://youtu.be/5BxPUAXmZ3k
  4. Well.... I completely forgot this thread was here.... Might as well do a bit of an update, Over the last 12 months I've been stuffing around with this car every chance I got (not near enough) and as it sits now its running and I actually had it out for a couple of runs on saturday to test it out. cooling issue meant I packed it up early, but it's sorted now and should be out again soon! Few pics of the progress earlier in the year to now... Made up some tubs, engine was out and I got my hands on a plasma cutter, couldn't help myself really.... Test fitted motor/headers etc. (Fueled Racing's full kit was used) The "finished" product... Motor itself is 100% stock as for now, and made 260kw atw's. After driving it briefly, its got some guts... more will come once I get some seat time in it and get use to driving again!! (A Hell of a lot more has gone into this build, but will slowly get all that into the thread as I get time...)
  5. Out with the old.... Just a few pics taken on my phone a little before xmas, Now its missing a lot more stuff... I'll get some pics up shortly, and the new motor + box will be picked up on Friday!
  6. SO.... Its been a while since the last post, and having blown the motor, and now sold the sr20 off, I've gutted the car completely, bought myself an ls2 6.0L + t56 combo , and basically started again... Hoping to have it back on the track within a few months, but this time with double the cylinders, and hopefully some more noise!! I'll get some pics soon, and try to keep the next re-incarnation up to date!!
  7. Need SR20 Crossmember

    Where are you located, I have one here somewhere... Flick me a pm
  8. Well, This has been sitting here doing sweet f-all for a while, so I figured I'd do a bit of an update, Not much has changed car wise, but I pulled down, polished and painted the wheels... Then, Off to texi to break sh*t... I'll let the pictures do the talking. A quick video one of the officials took when I asked politely if I could go and finish of that pair.... Afterwards: That little effort resulted in a dead engine, and some nice damage to the bodywork, (Yes, I feel it was well worth it) So now she's out for the november matsuri, But I'm considering my options for a new driveline... Will try to remember to keep the updates coming.
  9. Ok, Great =) Well I have a spot with a lock up garage ($345) I need to move along, due to killing my engine on sunday...S so if anyone is keen please send me a pm with an offer for the spot + lock up garage, and we can get it sorted asap!!
  10. Is it possible to sell my entry, due to no longer being able to make it....?
  11. Ahhh this was the highlight of my weekend...
  12. Red dead redemtion was the reason my ps3 ylod'd itself.. So addictive!!!
  13. Superchep auto, There is a universal one with the motor already in it etc for like $10 or something stupid like that, suss those out, Put it wherever you want to really... I use one in my sil80.
  14. Ok, So its been a while now... After May matsuri, there weren't a whole lot of pics floating about, so not much of a pic update there, at all... Only got these: Few tires for the weekend... One of very few action shots... And one sitting filthy in the pits, after having to tow it on dirt roads to get to a property where we stayed just out of goulburn. Then, The IDA day rolled around. I had no time to get the clutch issues sorted, or touch the car at all really in between the 2 track days, so I figured I'd take it anyway, and see how it would hold up. It went like a champ all day, without any issues whatsoever... Few pics I've come across on fb...
  15. 180sx Front Frame Transplant

    Post a pic of how bad the damaged one is first... May not need to replace it.
  16. Jun 17 IDA day Wakey

    Anyone come across any pics/vids as yet...??
  17. Drift Battle is back!

    Where would one who is to lazy to go to a newsagent be able to purchase this....???
  18. more tracks in sydney

    They still make those...???
  19. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    You're Welcome.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIDxOei2-BI
  20. So, Matsuri went well, After A few issues on saturday morning with the front suspension causing the thing to act like a lunatic at speed, We managaged to get it all sorted fairly quickly, and get it out and going again. Later on in the afternoon, I had some serious clutch issues after the passenger sessions, so it sat for a bit to cool off, After realising, I didnt go to matsuri to watch I figured f*ck it, If I'm going to break something, I'm going to at least have some fun doing it, so went out and flogged the ass out of it for the rest of the weekend, and it somehow survived... Few pics to come soon...
  21. Pffft heapsa room, shoulda kept into it...
  22. 2 Months old?!!! send him/her to work, and gtfo there...