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  1. WTB 1x ENKEI RPF1, 17x9 +22 in SBC Hi there, I'm looking for ONE RPF1 in 17x9 +22 in shadow black chrome. It must be damage free, I don't really care if it has the center cap or not. A tyre is not required. Please get in contact if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  2. Local CARS for sale

    Up for sale is my 99' GT forester, this vehicle is being sold as I no longer need a car of this size. - 180,000 km. - Healthy EJ20 2.0L turbocharged boxer engine. - 5 Speed manual. - Tyres have about 80% tread remaining. - Stock forester wheels. - Clean, unmolested example of a practical wagon with turbocharged power and Japanese reliability. - No known issues, vehicle was serviced less than 100 km ago. - Bodywork holds a few minor scratches but is in good condition for its age, blemishes can be seen in the images and may be viewed upon inspection. $7900 Open to reasonable offers. No swaps.
  3. Local CARS for sale

    Hey guys, just posting this here for a friend. Some of you may have met Dave and seen this car before. (copied straight from fb) the good: b18c2 in good health over 190psi compression clear headlights and amber corners enkei rpf1 15x7 +33 in perfect condition wraped in hankook k110 90% tread ASR subframe brace Whiteline 22mm adjustable sway bar buddyclub n+ coilovers (no leaks) SR1 Recaro DC2 front strut bar Injen CAI X force exhaust manifold custom 2.5" exhaust with high flow cat timing belt and tensioner replaced under 1 year ago endyn style crank case breather/catch can 3 months ACT rego The bad; paint on the roof is faded some small shopping car dents (i have a spare set of doors) will go 5.5k with out the enkei or 6.5 with PM any interest my way.

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a stock R33 Rb25 airbox and a non airbag steering wheel to also suit an R33 (s1 if it matters)
  5. Nic's 1994 SILEIGHTY

    Does it Dose?
  6. Hello, So I was looking to get a set of Tomei poncams and type A valvesprings for my S14. The shop that is tunes my car suggested that the type A valvesprings are still too stiff for my car, and that I would be better off using their valvesprings. I would be getting the Type A valvesprings for less than half the price of the springs that the shop I get my car tuned at would sell them to me for. Would anyone be able to confirm that this is true or not? I can assume many of you have had experience with those tomei valvesprings, are they really too stiff? I don't want to buy them if they're going to be a risky proposition just to save money when it could potentially cost me more in the long run. Thanks for reading.
  7. haha, I won't say who they are but the springs are their brand. Does anyone know the actual measurable difference between stock and the Tomei type A's? If i had a chart or something I could ask them what their springs are and compare and accurately decide.
  8. 178 for the Type A's, and 440 for theirs. Significant difference. What I want to avoid, is having an issue with something that they've done to the car (installing these cams and springs, tuning) and then being told that If I had gone with their springs it could've been avoided. I know logically there's no issue with the springs, but this shop seems to receive nothing but praise on the internet (BEST POSSIBLE PRAISE) so I'm sort of inclined to follow their advice. Personally, I'm struggling to understand what the Tomei springs are going to be too stiff for exactly.

    So basically anyone with a collapsed 3" cat get at me. You could just fix yours with a broom handle. Mine's a metal one and doesn't look to really be blocked so I'm just trying this as a test.

    Does anyone have a catalytic converter to suit an S14 with 3" flanges? A ceramic one please.
  11. Shannons Wheels 17th of March

    Yeah it seemed pretty poorly organised, old parliament house was a much better location imo.
  12. Shannons Wheels 17th of March

    I'm sure there'd still be a good amount of people there if you arrived at 11.30. If we're all driving down together what's the meeting place going to be?
  13. Shannons Wheels 17th of March

    I'm not sure if I'm meant to be at work or not on that weekend, If I'm not or if I can get out of it I'll definitely go.
  14. Shannons Wheels 17th of March

    Maybe, if other people are interested in going. To be honest, the best part about putting your car in the event is that you get good parking. Other than that it's been slowly turning into a bit of a commodore enthusiasts festival but we'll see how this year goes.
  15. Weekly meets

    Yeah if you negroes are going on Friday I'll come say hi
  16. Weekly meets

    Are you guys doing anything tonight?

    I might be, I'll have to have a look at it in person. If it's clean and mechanically decent I'll be interested. I'll be away this weekend but I'll have time in the middle of next week

    Pretty broad for a WTB but I'm looking to buy a new daily, Preferences~ An N/A (I'll look at a turbo one too but N/A preferred) S13 (preferably manual) in good mechanical condition for sub 5k (wishful thinking because they're well overpriced nowdays but it's worth a shot) A J31 Maxima or comparable sedan around the 8k figure An R33 GTS But really, anything of interest below the 8-10k figure I might have an interest in. So if you, or someone you know is selling something send me a message with some details and preferably pictures. Thanks
  19. Dark Souls

    Now i know none of you would've played Demon's souls, but Dark souls came out today. http://www.preparetodie.com/en/ pls tell me someone else is buying it.
  20. Dark Souls

    Yeah there's always a chance people are like that. Generally though, if they're not phagens they'll let the summon fight you and stand back. Are you on PS3 or xbox?
  21. Dark Souls

    Yeah it was bit of an exploit, I'm kinda having fun playing my character in this underpowered state so it's okay, I'm around 60 right now and am able to flip without a helm so it's getting better. Beat Artorias the other night with the help of two summons, fantastic boss fight. The DLC area is an absolute PVP hotspot too so I'm having a ball invading and having darkmoons invade me. On another note Artorias's armour looks pretty silly on my character, a little disappointed as I thought it was one of the best pieces in the game on Artorias himself.
  22. Dark Souls

    Beat the Hydra and am currently getting railed by Artorias. It's pretty annoying because I kept my character at level 41 but with completely upgraded equips and the wood grain ring so it was a functional build without needing a high level but since that build is moot and I'm in NG+ boss battles are feeling a bit ridiculous.
  23. North American ps3 In Australia

    Yeah you should've just kept your NA PStripple
  24. North American ps3 In Australia

    Yeah PS3's aren't region locked so you just need that converter and you're good to go
  25. Dark Souls

    f**king 1.06 completely ruined my build, I haven't even been able to beat the Hydra to get to the DLC.