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  1. Storage Wars

    YUUUUUP!! Dave is a cocky count, Barry buys anything that he "thinks" is good but turns out to be rubbish and the rest are quite normal. Watch the truTV report shows, so good.
  2. NSW Spotted Thread

    Some guy with a NS hoodie on a red Kawasaki Ninja.
  3. Ze's Hate Space, Dare To Enter?

    WPN-X7. Do you like bread? Cheers, Andy
  4. Ze's Hate Space, Dare To Enter?

    Cheers, Andy
  5. Ze's Hate Space, Dare To Enter?

    b Bread [quo='loz' Cheers, Andy Cheers, Andy Cheers, Andy Cheers, Andy Cheers, Andy stfu stfu
  6. WTF? You watched them steal your car and didn't confront them? Why didn't you call a few of your colleagues to help you. Regardless, good luck with finding your car. If you want a larger response, you should move this thread to the SA section so people can keep a look out for you.
  7. xx

    Ok. Pics of S14? Haven't seen that car in a looooooooooong time. y u no build thread?
  8. things that annoy you

    Faggots who buy fruit and veg in the David Jones food market. I thought they were just for show but then some idiot buys apples for $9/kg.
  9. Ginza Imports - Parramatta

    Gonza is opposite Edward Lee's right? Stay away, all the cars are rubbish and overpriced like no tomorrow.
  10. things that annoy you

    Cheers, Andy
  11. Ghost-Mobile

    Did STR8E180 (Kemp) make that? Can't trust Asian welders.
  12. 180sx type x wing

    Depends what wheels etc.
  13. The Swap From S15 to Subaru (Mighty Mods Episode)

    I hate how MCM has turned into a money making operation like most popular youtubers. When they are not known, they make numerous videos in a week (which are usually the best) then when their popularity increases, they make one video every two/three months.
  14. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    f**king finally. Please don't integrate the lip you have now into the JDM bar, someone on here has done it and it looks f**king horrible. Get the JDM lip.