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  1. WTAC 2011

    which kiwi ??
  2. WTAC 2011

    tilton evo was amazing !!
  3. R32 4Door

    Thinkin of getting a 1989 4dr r32 gts-4 just want to know is it reliable and whats the ride quality's like, cause im gona be using it as an everydai and drift/track on weekend??
  4. Hey guys

    Welcome mate
  5. just read the whole thing. wish i found this earlier, some pretty crazy things you've done in your life.
  6. GT5 - Tsukuba Time Attack

    my time & some pics of my car.
  7. GT5 - Tsukuba Time Attack

    Time: 58.35 sec Car: Honda Civic (EK) Type R Power: 371BHP/9400rpm Weight 888KG Aspiration: Turbocharged Tires: Racing Soft Traction: 4 ABS: 1 Everything else off Will put up my pic soon
  8. Hey i need a price on a pair of 215/45/17 Marshall 712.

    price on 2x 215/45r17 87W FEDERAL RS-R 24
  10. my 99 JDM whip

    more pics
  11. wiring strobes/neons to bass of a song

    just connect it to your sub or speakers, but if you connect it to your sub it might blowup
  12. Dori 31's Track Shaggin Wagon

    your car looks awesome man. keep it up
  13. P plate drift silvia

    About time
  14. A few products in

    how much for r32 4dr roof wing + postage to brisbane 4118
  15. DRift flutes

    umm are Drift flutes any good for the street? and does it make a pwer diff frm stock exhaust? like nisskidds one..
  16. P plate drift silvia

    kirk you going drifting next friday? qr fridaynight drift?
  17. P-plater s13 streeter..

    this is bloody awsome man. you gonna drift it?
  18. Car games that have S15

    what stage was that last pic? do you have to download it from online?
  19. kris's A31 Cefiro

    you drift this thing?
  20. HICAS

    Google is your friend mate: http://justskylines.com/hicasremoval.aspx
  21. nisskid's 32 4 door

    hey nisskid how long did it take to remove your hicas? and do you reckon i can drift with my untouched lsd?
  22. omg! BN Sports R32 Four Door, sweet.

    where did you get your roof spoiler? dont know what its called.
  23. p-plate S14..... 2 more years left

    have yu drifted it yet?