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  1. Funny/Weird/Unusual names

    i know as cliche as it sounds i went to school with a Michael Hunt (Mike hunt) and the local radio news reader afew years ago had the name Jo King i though it must of been a joke for ages till the had some staff thing in the local paper
  2. yeah i was the main full time delivery driver i basically lived in the car, far cry from what is becoming now though
  3. a few years ago i was using my 180 as a daily/ pizza delivery car and i put 180,000km in a year, but now its just a weekender and its probably only seen 5000km in the last year (not to mention having no motor for the last 3 months)
  4. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    how about this one i dont think you would see one of these for sale in Aus very often * sigh * i wish i had the cash http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/280830938457?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_1950wt_1396
  5. Mitsubishi Love That Car - Competition

    voted, good luck
  6. buying coilovers

    same with anything you get what you pay for, i wouldn't use 2nd hand ones, as you dont know the life they have had
  7. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    Urrgh so many horrible things i had trouble picking the worst
  8. Hid lights not working HELP!

    Is it a constant problem or have you just noticed it once or twice cause sometimes when you turn them on it doesn't always ignite try tuning the on and off a couple of times
  9. I have just put a vertex style kit on my 180 and have found the front bar seems a bit loose, and the other night i hit a steep driveway and the popped drivers side front guard up ,as it pulled the front 2 bolts through. I have it mounted with 2 bolts each side from the guard to the bar, 2 on the front radiator support and 2 in the wheel well from the guard to the wing of the front bar. i still have the brace from the bottom of the front guards to the chassis as well. My question is are there any other brackets i could make up to give it a bit better strength ? Or any other tips that may help ? Also a picture of the bar to give you an idea.
  10. Mounting front bar 180sx

    yeah i am still running the front reo bar and i have also managed to get another 2 bolts in either side my biggest problem is the flex i get out of the guards, i might tr making up some heavier duty braces for the and see how it goes.
  11. holy coldness.. man the lowest we've had here was 7 degrees a few months ago.. and i was cold then.. screw -2 man.. i would have stayed in bed forever with the heater on Wow that's really not that bad its 8 degrees here today and that the warmest day all week the rest have been about 4 or below
  12. Slydin, New round here

    welcome to the forum ,sounds like you have the right idea with the mods there any pics of ur car
  13. The smartest overall Job

    well i guess along the lines that you are talking i think the job im in covers a fair bit. Im a workshop/sales manager for a ute body manufacturing company. So on one side of the job i do retail sales, marketing, account keeping, ordering etc While the other side of the job is staff management, design , a small amount of manufacturing and fitting accessories. I am also a qualified accessory fitter which means i oversee and help fit trays and bull bars etc
  14. Insurance Question

    I had my 180 covered with just cars third party, fire and theft, and i listed all the modifications on my car as the same as OP i had only listed basic mods and when insurance came around there was a lot more done. So i included all the upgrades including larger turbo and aftermarket computer and i didn't have to pay anything extra. About a month later the car caught fire and was a write off and i got a payout above market value but not the full cost of the mods. so i guess i would recommend informing them of all your mods, i think the premium goes up if you things that make you car a target for thieves like big stereos etc.
  15. RA40 tracker ?

    My first car was a RA40 celica with a fair bit of engine work i could do a skid but not rearl good a drifting, the whole this is just too heavy and not really balanced and as cazman said the steering is crap i ended up just getting a 180
  16. S15 with S14 Facelift Front End?

    I love the idea and have wanted to do it but i need a lot more cash than i got to do it at the moment
  17. Barbie and your car

    In my case the Mrs loves my car cause it makes me happy and she gets looks in it. she doesn't mind speeding or the car being rough (infact if i drift around a corner with her in the car she will rate how good it was ) She has helped me a number of times pay for things on it and she doesn't want to drive it cause she is scared she will break something wow when i think about it i got it really good.
  18. Car Trailers

    I work for a trailer manufacturer To give you an idea of a minimum setup using mechanical breaks There is nothing wrong with mechanical breaks in fact they are the cheapest to set up with a kit costing $250 this will set up 1 axle with a car trailer i would recommend a tandem trailer with 4 wheel breaks you would need to use a 40mm sqr or better a 45mm sqr axles.(around about $100 an axle) than i would depend on what springs you want to use the cheapest are slipper springs at around $130 for 7 leaf (1600kg) with a fitting kit at $45 so you would be looking at around $1000 just for a recommended set up as a minimum than around $700-800 in steel than labor, paint and lights The price on trailer parts is a bit more expensive than what you can get on ebay as i priced it all on ALKO parts which are good quality and parts are readily available . We sell a car trailer with this set up for $4596 + on roads
  19. You know your getting old when

    when going out changes from the pubs and night clubs to the local golf club
  20. Defect Stories

    My first defect was the day i got my 180 i live in a country town and picked the car up from Woolongong, i drove up the main street of town and parked in the woolies car park to be parked in by a hwy patrol car. And than had the 2 officers go over the car for about half and hour with one of the looking around the exhaust and looked up at me and asked if it was turbo even though it still had the stock coil pack cover that has "TURBO INTERCOOLED" written across it. I ended up with a defect (minor) for an oil leak which was the condensation of the air conditioner and blue park lights. second time wasn't really a defect but a cops anger for not finding one, it was a day the RTA had the vehicle checking station (shaker) set up and i got pulled over and told to follow to the checking station after an hour with the RTA inspectors going over every detail of the car and not finding a single defect i was given the ok to drive off the machine and just scraped on the exaust prompting the cop to question the height of my car. So he got under the car with a tape measure to find i was 5mm above the legal height. As i went to collect my licence i also got handed a fine for neg driving saying i was speeding and cutting lanes. I thought this was an absolute joke and took it to court to find the cop didn't even have video evidence of the event as he had just booked someone else before he pulled me over and the vehicle recording takes 30 sec to save after booking someone. And i lost because it came down to my witness and my word against a police officer. too many other stories to tell as well
  21. near death experiences?

    I got trapper in a rock slide while caving a few years ago, a couple of boulders about 1m in diameter landed on me as i was trying to squeeze through a hole ended up with 2 broken ribs but it could have been a whole lot worse.
  22. Random question

    1. It would depend on the situation of the receiver of the money charity yes but an individual for no reason probably not. 2. I would probably not be influenced too much 3. Would not fuss me