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  1. Help with squeeking noises

    @ truck - sry mate, I havent updated my profile. I drive an s15.
  2. Help with squeeking noises

    @ Superbad - squeeking was there before and after putting the suspension in. Pretty much any sort of movement causes the car to squeek. Even just getting out of the car causes a squeek. This chick I was with the other night got embarrassed cause there was a massive squeek as she got out of the car thinking she was fat lol. @ Wizard - squeeking is coming from outside the car but more towards the rear. Seems like rear bushes have been mentioned alot. I might look into it. Saw in another thread somewhere here that all I gotta do is take the rear wheels off and look at the centre of the hubs for the bushes?
  3. Hey guys, I'm getting some really loud squeeking sounds from the rear of my car. Recently just changed the shocks so thats not the problem. Got the car inspected by guys at Jax tyres but they didn't seem to have a clue. Pretty much any movement will trigger the squeeking driving straight, fast slow, flat surfaces, uneven surfaces and even getting out of the car causes squeeking. Anyone ever have this problem? And how did you fix it?
  4. Could you just use a 180sx wing? Or is that even smaller?
  5. Postage costs of full bodykit to 2148?
  6. Sorry for the bump... but thought it would be a good idea to post how I fixed my driver side power window (useful for others?). As it turns out, it wasn't the switch, it was a new motor.
  7. zilla in the mist.

    How much did it cost u all up including the price of car to get it here to Aus?
  8. 180sx Ferrari

    Looks awesome but would be hella slow for its appearance.
  9. What do you mean by that? - "fell out of tooth". A few days before my power window died. The power window was already acting up as in it was struggling to go up or down - felt like it the window was rubbing against something or getting caught on something. Then a few days later it finally died on me. I just parked my car at the shops then when I went to wind my window up it wouldn't move. Pretty much shat myself at that point as I was already running late for work. However, with my car the alarm is set so that when the alarm sets it will shut all the windows on the car each time. When this happened it closed my driver side window but thats it, it hasnt worked since then.
  10. Car finance

    My mate got a personal loan for his Rexy. Borrowed 25k. His monthly repayments are 800 a month but about 400 dollars of it goes towards interest repayments. Ouch. I say be patient and save up.
  11. Hey guys abit of a bump. I have got the same problem with the power windows on my s15 cept its with the driver side switch/window. Although all the other switches work ie lock switch, lock window switch, mirror switch and LHD side window switch. Its just the switch for the driver side that doesnt work. If I follow the steps above and it still doesnt work what else could the problem be? Motor? I read somewhere it could be the amp too (from this site http://www.nicoclub.com/archives/repairing-power-window-amp.html) Someone mentioned above about using a multimeter to check if the motor is still working. Can anyone explain this? Sorry for the newb question.
  12. hey guys, quick question. I want to change the bov from atmo to plumb back for obvious reasons. I was planning to DIY since I thought it would be simple as putting the plumb back one in and putting the piping back into the intake pipe but after looking at a few articles on it I noticed that nearly all bovs that were being installed were on the hotpipe. The bov on my car is installed on the other pipe on the other side (dunno what its called. Cold pipe? lol) Any ideas?
  13. Advice on rear bar

    Ha was this close to ordering the pods from Jesse but then I saw a picture of an s15 from the back with the rear pods they look butt ugly. So now I'm back to considering getting a new rear bar.........
  14. Advice on rear bar

    Thanks dude looking through the site now, plenty of goodies too.
  15. Advice on rear bar

    Ahh now I get you. Yeah I've heard of this guy a few times already on these forums, might give it a go. Thanks dude. Another question how did you manage to search through the Yahoo Japan site? Either you can understand japanese or converted the site to english.