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  1. If anyone has one, or is wrecking a silvia at the moment, just after the handbrake assembly from the cables forward don't need the cables themselves Thanks
  2. Just seeing if anyone might have one new unused before I go through them direct Cheers
  3. Greddy logo stencil

    If anyone might have a pre-cut stencil around I'm keen to grab it. Sydney preferably
  4. After a heat shield for the factory manifold Cheers
  5. R33 diff $300ono Re-shim recommended but otherwise nice and quiet diff Five bolt half shafts Currently has a R32/S13 four bolt rear hat, replace with 2 bolt hat for R33, S14, S15 Includes nose bushes and bolts to subframe, can also include subframe pineapple bushes S15 stock wheels in black $300ono Nexen N2000 205/55/16 Rotalla F105 225/55/16 RB flywheel $50 Located Sydney, can post through e-go at buyers expense
  6. WTB S14 non abs tailshaft

    Hey after a manual non abs tailshaft to suit s14 in Sydney Thanks
  7. WTB Ikeya Formula Tie Rods

    Yeah? I'm looking for something with a longer threaded section as well so I can run rack spacers with a bit more peace of mind
  8. WTB Ikeya Formula Tie Rods

    Looking for Ikeya Formula tie rods to suit s14 Thanks!
  9. Probably unlikely but if anyone has some I'm keen Cheers
  10. pics on the run

    Mmm Nokia goodness. Exif for Jay, http://www.flickr.co...aphy/5104306068