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  1. Video made by my self footage from last night shot! Enjoy
  2. Cheers mate Yeah hopefully there will be another one coming up soon. I can also do solo shoots in the studio but works out a tad more expensive due to only 1 car. IF you can gather 5 mates who are interested we can set out a date. We are currently discussing future dates for the next photoshoot. Forgot to add the R33 GTR pics http://www.flippitphotography.com/mattsr33gtr.php
  3. Flippit Photography

    ahaha cheers mate!
  4. Yeah mate, Heres 4 of the cars, last car still editing/uploading My N14 SSS http://www.flippitphotography.com/nissanpulsarsss.php Peanut WRX| http://www.flippitphotography.com/kurtswrx.php FG XR6 Turbo http://www.flippitphotography.com/rickysxr6turbo.php 07 WRX CS9 http://www.flippitphotography.com/wrxcs9.php R33 GTR Still to come
  5. Flippit Photography

    Ahaha cheers mate
  6. Nissan FAST Software...

    Will this work on Aus and/or Jap Spec N14's N15's?
  7. Flippit Photography

    Sorry don't come on NS much, didnt notice this reply, Anyway, most of that stuff is non edited, its all done in camera and only minor things are done in editing.
  8. Still 2 spots left guys and girls!
  9. Did you have a booking with us cause your name was not on the list? 2 spots left everyone!
  10. Thanks for your opinion mate. Only 3 spots left guys.
  11. Alright guys change of plans. We will be changing the limit to 5 cars. Spaces are now even more limited, will have to double check but i think there is only 3 spaces left or possibly 2, will confirm tonight Thanks
  12. Thats where photoshop comes in
  13. This shall be an awesome day, can't wait to start snapping away!
  14. Who/where to contact regarding stores

    Sorry about the late reply, I have it all sorted now, Spoke with Loz and all is good. ITems don't come till Hoodie is ready
  15. Who/where to contact regarding stores

    guys i need a number to contact or something please!!