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  1. James' Training Log

    Soo i havnt been in here for nearly 2 months... Doesnt mean i stopped training. Ive changed things up a but and had a few family things go on including moving from brisbane and needing to find a decent gym and my grandfather being in hospital Now my session, monday to saturday goes like this. Lat Pulldown non cable - 60kgx10x3 Squatted row - 40kgx10x3 Squat thrusts - 20kgx10x3 Not sure of the name but 25kg power bar, inside grip feom waist to chin. 25kgx10x3 Mil press 40kgx10x5 Squats 60kgx10x5 Pushups x10x5 Situps x10x5 I do a set of pushups and situps between sets of squats or deadlifts and alternate my workout so squats one day, Deadlifts the next. Deadlift 60kgx5x2 warmup then 6 sets of 5 increasing the weight till 110kg. Feeling the strongest ive ever been in my life right now, my legs have exploded and everything else is starting to show now which im pretty proud of. Ive had alot of people including pt's tell me im doing it all wrong and that i shoukdnt train whole body as much as i do but ive been fine for the last 5 months, havnt injured myself and feel healthy as shit so fvck the haters. haha
  2. For a laugh: worst job(s) you've ever done...

    Sorter in a huge recycling plant in western sydney. pretty much all types of household rubbish from all over sydney would come in, go through a few tumbling type machines to get rid of the heavy rocks, concrete and steel, then onto conveyer belts whilst we picked through the plastic bags with handheld pick type tools. we pulled timber, rocks and anything else that wouldnt decompose in water basically and then through it into seperate bins to be processed again. the crap went into big water vats where it was washed and then onto another belt, more picking until it was pretty much all shredded plastic which was dried, bailed and sent to vietnam to make diesle we would have garbage bags FULL of porn, must have come from police after it was confiscated or something because it was the craziest porn i have ever seen, we would find random animals (guniea pigs, rabbits, goats, Pigs, dogs, cats and once we even found the head of a horse.) stupid amounts of dildos and vibrators, almost always turned on so they would be going ape shit on the belt, once i found one of those sit on bouncing balls kids jump around on, but it had a f*ck off huge red vibrator moulded onto it... to say i lost my shit would be an understatement worst day on the belts was when one of the little asian ladies opened up a garbage bag and found a deceased newborn child. poor thing passed out and had to retire early or some shit because of PTSD, that was on $27 an hour and at 18/19 i was laughing... doing 12 hours night shifts 6 days a week paid so damn good! i think got promoted to Trades assistant, jumped up to $39 an hour but i was the bitch amongst the engineers in the plant, i had to go into the broken machines to pull out random things that would f**k them up ect Wire cables, Dead Dogs (whole german sheppard once ) and general blockages. cleaning the joint was a joke, pretty much used the fire hoses to hose down everything, then go through with a shovel and unblock all the drains so the water could drain away and be processed into methane gas. in my first week of being a TA i was cleaning a machine with the hose, got a tiny little drop of water on my face (was wearing a face shield), must have got a tiny bit in my mouth and in LESS THEN AN HOUR i was pissing out of my ass and throwing up. i only just made it home and then bailed into the shower for a solid 2 hour mess session. amazing pay, still havnt had a job where i earnt that much but it was so unhealthy being there for long periods of time.
  3. show us your tattoos!

    Good idea Pic: Artist: David Zuleta Store: Inksanity in Milton/Brisbane. Link: http://www.facebook....tattooinksanity OR http://www.facebook....100003373330061 This is my Left sleeve... it started off with just the chick but it has slowly turned into an evil or death themed sleeve. im doing the complete opposite on my right arm and then a Good Vs Evil chest piece to bring it all together. Go in and tell them James B sent you and they will look after you, awesome bunch of guys and girls down there and everything they do is top notch.
  4. So as Liam nicely pointed out the old thread was 5 years old and was missing alot of the pics ect so lets start a new one. 6 damn hours of outlines... glad its over im in that really annoying itchy stage now, wish i could go back and get my other sleeve outlined now, drew up something pretty sweet! AAANNNNNDDDDDDD GO!
  5. Sony SmartWatch

    Will wait for Samsung to bring something out, im sure Sony have done a good job but after getting a Samsung Galaxy Note and knowing how damn good that phone is, i will only go with Samsung now. phone's, tv's, air con, those little vaccum things ect.. top notch everything.
  6. Post pics of your tatts

    I found a heap of paper towel rolled up in my hand helped, not really sure why but squeezing that made it bearable. ive got that sweet spot left over for an old school hour glass, i already know its going to suck so im just going to be a bitch and get some painkillers. yeah i can man up and just deal with it but f**k that... why stand when you can sit right???
  7. Post pics of your tatts

    Cheers guys... This was done by david at Inksanity here in brisbane. He's a artistic genious!! Ill be flying to brisbane from wherever i am to get tattooed from now on...
  8. Post pics of your tatts

    6 damn hours of outlines... glad its over
  9. Post pics of your tatts

    tattoo in the morning... been a while planning what i want and how i wanted it to look so im super keen to get it done. getting all the outline done tomorrow and then a few little things on my fingers + family first on my chest in both Italian & Maltese. big morning for me, got to get up early and go to the gym first otherwise it will do my head in!!!!
  10. James' Training Log

    All good... Med Class1 which means perfect health and nothing wrong with me so now its just a blood test and a 7.5 beep test from stopping me from getting on that bus. even though i run more then double what i need to 3-4 times a week im still a little nervous about the beep test knee is a little better but still not great, not pushing the weights up with the squats and not deadlifting anymore as i cannot afford to do more damage bench and mil press is improving 60kgX10X5sets assisted chin ups 30kgX10X5sets Lat pulldown 80kgX10X5sets seated row 40kgX10X5sets squats 50kgX10X 3 sets before my knee started to hurt leg press 160kgX10X3sets then dropped it down to 120kg for the final 2 sets elevated pushups 10X5sets(feet up on a box, full proper pushups, 90degree arms chest as close to the ground as possible) then some core exercise i cannot remember the name of, much like doing crunches but on some sort of rack lifting my legs instead of on the ground. felt good after that session, gym was busy so it took a while... going in early tomorrow to smash it again before getting the rest of my sleeve done. best moment was when a mate i used to work with walked into the gym and told me how good i was looking and that ive thinned out heaps since the last time i saw him (7 weeks ago)
  11. The Android thread

    f**k ICS on the note... its already got so many added features with whatever version of android its running now. add the Go launcher app and its perfect... so simple and clean!
  12. Gym wankers

    tonight at 8:30 i walked into the gym to find a bunch of useless wannabes in the gym having some sort of social gathering as the lot of them are doing cable extensions or whatever they were doing... 8 little uni fags bunched around all the major sets of equipment when all i wanted to do was go to the gym, listen to some music and smash through my combat fitness circuit. It got to the point where as i loaded up the weights to do leg press, one of the fags continued to lean up against the machine even though i was loading it up to use. I ended up being a complete rude *milkshake* and telling them to get out of my way if they weren't training. Going to talk to the manager tomorrow about putting some signs up. Train or GTFO or something to that effect. and noticed some idiot indian dude who was dancing in front of the squat rack to whatever was on the tv (headphones in, dont listen to that dribble)
  13. The Android thread

    anyone got a galaxy note here? i had a galaxy nexus but the POS died within my 30 day trial with vodafone so i had a whinge and now have the Note. WHAT AN UPGRADE... such an awesome phone, the added features make up for the size which does not take long to get used to.
  14. ive had two ex's do something similar to me, the first got me pretty much kicked out of the army and the second stopped me from going back in. i learned my lesson, have been single for the last 3 years and have just got back in the army finally. MORAL OF THE STORY: women have a few key uses... sex, cooking and cleaning. In that order.
  15. Australian Defence Force info

    finally finished the hard part of the enlistment process... only taken me a good 3-4 years to get back in the army got an enlistment date for the 28th of may so about 8 weeks to go and then im back at kapooka for 80 days... nothing could wipe the smile of my face this afternoon!! going in as a Command Systems Operator in the Corps of Artillery, going to cross my fingers and hope i can transfer accross to Forward Observer whilst im at the school of arms and just wait till the next FO course.