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  1. efr 6258 t4

    Most probably Hypertune, just unsure of whether to go low or high mount. Plan to move the intercooler under the radiator support, so whichever location is going to make the pipe work easier.
  2. efr 6258 t4

    Unsure yet, I'm sort of at a crossroads at the moment. Car is pretty much track only and is starting to use a decent amount of oil at trackdays now on the original motor with standard bottom end. So I'm guessing it'll need a freshen up I the near future, so I guess I may as well build the bottom end. Then that opens up a can of worms since I also have a VE head sitting around, which I'd then be tempted to throw on the way it is, unported, maybe just a clean up, and with some valve springs and P12 cams I've got tucked away too. And just see what happens, but that all costs money to do, so I've got some thinking to do. Or the sane option is to just freshen up the bottom end and retune with this new turbo. But who's sane these days?
  3. efr 6258 t4

    Nice results. Keen to see how much better a similar setup would be with VCT and a T4 t/s housing. I've got a T4 6758 on order, so I'll be having a play around with it on my 15 once it gets here. I currently run Poncams, but wonder if I should step up slightly. I've also got some 260/260/12mm lift Procams tucked away that I thought about running with it, just unsure. It's all going to be new to me, with the current setup being an externally gated T518Z on E85 making 280ish at 18-20psi.
  4. Can't Make

    If you're spending $10k in mods on a Nissan and still losing to a Golf GTi on the track then you either haven't spend the money well, or you can't drive, possibly a combination of both.
  5. For sale I have two complete sets of 17x10 +20 Regamasters. One set is original bronze/brown, the other has been powder coated in white. The white set does have some powder coat chipped, other than that, all the white wheels are structurally sound. No cracks, no repairs. The bronze set, original paint, so they are how they are after ten odd years I guess. One wheel has had a repair on the outside of the barrel, I had it done, and made sure it was done properly. Other than that, they're all good. I used both these sets on my S15 track car, and I drive my car like I stole it, so they've held up extremely well. Only reason for selling is I got bigger front brakes and they just fouled on the inner barrel of the Rega's, which is unfortunate. Price: $3000AUD AS IS PER SET. Price is firm. Wheels are located in Campbelltown area of Sydney, Australia. Happy to ship to anywhere in the world at buyers expense. NO SWAPS. Note - The white centre caps do not come with either set of rims.
  6. R33 GTR Brembo's

    Item is as is in photos. Just pulled these of my track S15, which has done 1:04's around Wakefield Park. Pads, braided lines, bolts and rotors all included to simply replace what you have. Pads are Endless PC35, which aren't cheap on their own. Flick the distributor of Endless in Oz, V-Sport Australia, and email and you'll find out for yourself. These are a track orientated pad, if you daily the car these go into, you'll need Street pads and these WILL chew rotors with extensive street use. Pads are at approximately 50-60%. Rotors are Stoptech two piece, easy enough to get replacement donuts for not that much outlay. These have plenty of life left. Braided lines are a custom job. Used to have banjo fittings on the calliper end, they came loose after a track day long ago. After that had these made up, they basically have the stock fitting on them that all the Skylines have. No banjo bolts, no washers, a proper fitting with a seat that seals internally. Purely pulled these off since I have upgraded to a six pot setup up front now. Location is Campbelltown area, pickup preferred. Or can post at buyers expense. Contact via PM. Price: $1600 o.n.o.
  7. R33 GTR Brembo's

  8. Valve Float

    Weird, frsport seem to have an inner and outer diameter measurement which seems to be for dual springs. I wouldn't take it as gospel, unless there are other places that list the 75 pound springs as singles and not doubles.
  9. Valve Float

    Pulled from Mazworx's site regarding Supertech spring kits. Spring Pressure: Single Valve Spring, 68 lbs Dual Valve Spring,GTi-R, 75lbs / add $2.83 Dual Valve Spring, 90lbs / add $3.73 Dual Valve Spring, 106lbs / add $2.83 Dual Valve Springs, 116lbs / add $2.83
  10. Valve Float

    Where are you getting the Supertech values from? I pulled the values above from their website. I only ask as the values are conflicting. Unless they're a double spring kit?
  11. Valve Float

    ^ Procams or Poncams? Bigger Procams will help more up top than Poncams will won't they?
  12. Valve Float

    What I found from Supertech. Single Valve Spring Kit TYPE: Single Spring PRESS.SEAT: 68 @40.50mm MAX LIFT: 15.00mm COIL BIND: 22.70mm RATE: 9.30 lbs/mm RETAINER: RET-NSR20/T1 SPRING : SPR-H1021S/SR20
  13. Valve Float

    Have also experienced this with my 15. VCT Poncams Tomei type A springs T518Z with an external gate Just after about 6200 the curve almost stops climbing. Tuner put it down to valve float as I'd just recently fixed the VCT gear, recommended Supertech springs as they reckon they've run into this issue with Tomei type A's before since they're only about 10-15% stiffer than factory. Haven't bothered to do anything about it yet though.
  14. Is Adam at JEM still any good? I'm not going back to Unigroup ever again and JEM is about 5 minutes from my house. I know he's tuned PJ's and Nino's big VE builds in the past, anyone know what it's like now?
  15. I thought he owned the place, just lets Mark handle all the easy stuff and only steps in when he needs too.
  16. I found that Unigroup's gone downhill since Yavuz started letting Mark tune cars. Both of them have touched my 15, and o can tell you now it's night and day between the two of them. I wouldn't take it there unless Yavuz himself is doing the tuning.
  17. efr 6258 t4

    Use a freight forwarder. Fuck paying $500 for shipping.
  18. S15 coils run three wires. Yaris coils run four, fouth wire is for a signal back to the ECU to tell it that it actually fired or some shit. Not needed in our application.
  19. Yaris coils will not fit through the 15 rocker cover, they're too fat. You'll need an S14 rocker cover.
  20. The Yaris coils don't need a new loom, just re-terminate the exisiting into new plugs. Done. I run them on my 15, they won't fit through a 15 rocker cover, S14 must be used so I just swapped. Dwell on the ECU needs to be adjusted to about 3m/s to get the thing running. Haven't touched mine since.
  21. S15 setup + turbo choice

    For reference, been using the large type Tomei fuel reg with E85 for over two years. Nothing wrong with it, does its job just fine.
  22. I personally wouldn't use anything from GKTech. Just my own opinion though. Insane Drifters have a shifter out now that requires no cutting either. Supposed to be pretty decent.
  23. Yeah drop the engine cross member is what I meant. The bolts are at least twice as long as what I drop them by.
  24. I used an adapter plate with my Z33 conversion. Slave cylinder is no where near the exhaust. And justt made up a line for it. All fits like a glove after a bit of tunnel love. No rotating boxes or anything to get the thing in and out, just loosen the cross member a little, by about 10mm and in/out it goes.
  25. Dump I had was close, was a CES twin dump. Just needed a little bend with a lever bar on the wastegate pipe to clear it. Now I've changed to a Tomei dump and HPi twin front pipe, only thing that came close was the flange on the Tomei dump to some of the casting on the Z33 box. Ran an air saw up in there and cut a little bit of the casting away. Happy days.