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  1. 180sx track bit$ch

    holy shit
  2. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    I find driving down a 2 lane road with your mate next to you while you both do 40 in a 60zone seems to work well at slowing people down
  3. If a sr20de airbox fits you can have mine
  4. Good system without sub

    just get a 4ch and run all for speaker of an amp. headunits put out sweet fk all power.. it should sound allright but not awesome
  5. The Ultimate Sleeper

    holy sht
  6. nissan narvar 08 stx lift kit?

    I've got a ifs hilux with a lift I got from roo dogs in cambellfield in Vic it's raw nitro shocks and hd king springs with efs leafs it's given me around a 3 inch lift only cost me 1200$
  7. ECU Self diagnostic

    it's possible to do with an original engine ecu and dash
  8. question about defect on wheels

    no you cannot get a defect with flared guards etc, coz the wheels are not out the guards. thats why 4WD drivers have garden edging in their arches but us 4wd owners/everyone can still get done for increasing the track width by more than 25mm which is an ADR regulation
  9. I remember seeing that car for sale in Vic not to long ago. I remember the pick of the gauge in the cluster
  10. did you grease the back of the pads ?
  11. Workshop Manuals

    can you source a manual for 06 d4d hilux
  12. that looks the same as my mid pipe
  13. 90 Silvia

    what wheels are they?
  14. 180sx Pods + Valance

    meh take it of leave it