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  1. ACT import rule

    technically any mod that changes the emissions would probably have to go through it too, but you don't see that being enforced too often

    Need the turbo drain tube from an S14. Also a set of(all 4) 15" wheels to suit an XF falcon. not too fussy about the look PM me!!!!
  3. I use a BM50 from a 300zx non abs model, a non abs S14 booster with Skyline rear calipers and the brembo fronts. Pagid RS 4-2's all round. The brake feel is awesome and balance is good too. Took me a lot of master cylinders and time to work out this combo, but it give the best feel and heaps of brakes. These pads wear the discs out faster than the pad though . Car is an S14 btw.
  4. upper limits of 2860 on sr20?

    230 @ 16psi here, solid all the way to redline at 7200. Poncams (256 11.5mm), all supporting mods. 98 pump. Has more in it, but got them to stop at 230 so I could flog it all day and not care.
  5. FFS s15 timing tune issue ...help

    The CAS (Cam btw, no Crank sensor on an SR20) is probably faulty. Its known to happen. Only the CAS and the settings in the ECU affect timing.
  6. Local PARTS for sale

    PM Dub-D, he has one for sale
  7. fixing speedo reading

    This is what Locky is thinking of http://forums.nicocl...ny-t472168.html Personally I bought this and spliced it in behind the dash, then adjusted it using GPS on the road. Jaycar make a kit too that will do it. FYI, for that calibrator box, you don' t need to adjust the DIP switches at all, just leave them as is and adjust the trim pot. PS, I used 4.3 diff gears
  8. Written off status question?

    well if you can't get it rego'd..... Track Car!
  9. Weekly meets

    Yeah worked out very well. We will be there again this week. So far noone has noticed us.
  10. Need Your Votes To Go Drifting!

    Results are in. We made the top four. Thanks to those who voted.
  11. MGCC Motorkhana at Sutton Road - 26 May 2013

    So yeah, the day was great fun as usual.
  12. Need Your Votes To Go Drifting!

    Plus we'll have another 2 weeks of practice in Japan before the event
  13. Weekly meets

    Grevillea park, where we normally meet. https://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-35.303157,149.151624&spn=0.007696,0.016512&t=m&z=17
  14. Weekly meets

    I assume Gravs will be the backup?
  15. advice for 250rwkw

    My S14 has major issues with fuel surge when drifting, anything below 1/2 would surge. Therefore I put in a surge tank with an external pump and that solved the problem. Thats the only reason I put one in. My setup makes 230rwkw. Don't bother with a surge tank unless you need it. It a pain to setup (and drain), but they do work very well.