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  1. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Picked up my new girl today. A few fixes need to be done before she's off-road worthy or road worthy for that matter but give it a week or two for parts to come and off we go!
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    WTB: 1989 4runner power steering box and/or clutch master cylinder
  3. New P-Plate Laws On Way For SA!

    More night shifts for cops and more P platers taking taking their plates down to try and avoid getting caught. They're already useless at what they do. Because THEY, quoted THEY did not send an officer to my house when I first had to do my 12 months good behavior they're making me do it again. So I can't get my P2's until November this year, when it was supposed to be last year.
  4. The old COD vs BF question. Who's getting MW3 and who's getting BF3? Reasons, thoughts?
  5. Dark Souls

    So overall, is it worth it?
  6. My F5 key is still broken from that thread. ahhh, good times. why cant we have nice things like that any more? I have the funniest f**king screen shots from that thread. Again?
  7. CARN ON DEN! I'LL KO YOU MOTHER f**kER I hate you all.
  8. this has nothing on the windies thread. ns is a one post wonder.
  9. the female members are the best members Untill your post tits, you are male. Even better
  10. Recommend a pc game

    can't go wrong with cs:source. fear3 and both portals are great! i'd assume you would of chosen a game by now?!