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  1. currently building a 1jz powered 180sx fotos up soon
  2. just a couple others ive had
  3. one of many cars ive ownd
  4. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    just fitted my helps knuckles and nigel rack spacers so keen to see how she steers
  5. 1jz 180sx

    cheers ben
  6. 1jz 180sx

    be aware i think he on hoilday for a week or 3 . then is travelling to WTAC event. so no flaming if he enjoying his rest. best place to go for it tho as he has *JZ motors in his blood. crazy fool . he would replace EVER motor known to man with them if the option were his yeahh gota wait till the 1st of aug for him to be bak so i can pick up the mounts and get the sump modded
  7. 1jz 180sx

    cheers guys spoken to helps and waiting for him to get back to me..
  8. Whats there to do on NYE?

    def rock victor harbour for new years
  9. 1jz 180sx

    yueah not keen on bashed fire wall looks tacky..yeh ill speak to helps..he modded the knuckles and is doing all the mounts n shit
  10. 1jz 180sx

    wtf!!! how far back is the engine?? and the stock ECU is shit just getting cut out and boxed up so its easier to work with...stock ecu b fine for stock motor a mates jzx90 makes 237kw with stock ecu so thats plenty for a 180
  11. 1jz 180sx

    hey guys in the process of building a 1j powered 180sx..atm its getting the fire wall and gear box tunnel cut out and boxed up but just wondering if anyone can wire the motor up or no someone that can? just running stock ecu cheers 0425 379 094
  12. spotted mark (the olds) in the stag at servo on main nrth rd on saturday
  13. 21st may drift prac

    was good not having to line up for 2 long...spewin my bucket didnt wana play the game all night tho
  14. Hoon Car Compound

    i no theres a big compound in wingfield and 1 in lonsdale...i just paid a impound fee for 7 days and it was only 184$
  15. Hoon Car Compound

    ive had 3 cars impounded dad had his 10sec ht monaro impounded in the 1st week of the laws coming in