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  1. Your first turbo experience

    mine was my brothers 99 WRX, it was tuned for 206awkw had a crazy amount of torque. So driving shotgun in that for a while before i had my license had me hooked on turbo'd cars! he has now since then moved to boring old V8's so, i am now flying the flag in the family
  2. hey mate a price on some "XXR522" in matte black 18 ' 9.5 delivered to sa 5556
  3. just brought a dirty1 silhouette for a daily car!! $500 hahaha stoked!
  4. great spots in adelaide!

    there are awesome photos here!!! awesome cars! love the 510 up a little! its looks amazing! and the clouds ^^^^ they give those pics a awesome feel!
  5. wow... i just went through all this... that sucks boys.. glad to hear that everyone got their kits in the end.. shocking on the company's behalf though.. so much more they could have done for you guys.. as simple as just keeping regular contact letting you know whats happening.
  6. Lmgt4's on 33 GTR

    alright!! awesome! cheers. great help
  7. Lmgt4's on 33 GTR

    there 19x9.5 with offset of 20, 19x9.5 with offset 12
  8. Lmgt4's on 33 GTR

    hi. i have a mnp 33 gtr, when i brought it about 9 months ago it had 34 gtr wheels on it, i think they look ok, i like the wheel its just that the fitment is not very good. and i really like lm's on gtrs, my question is what is the better offset? i was thinking 19 inch. there are two options on offset. so who has them and what offset ya running!! r33's only!! cheers guys!!
  9. mallala matsuri

    as corpral said, matsuri is BY FAR the best chance for sa to hold more drift events!!! at the end of the day the way i see it is matsuri = 12 hours of OPEN track drifting!! so even if people are in wrong groups surely people will get plenty of opportunity to slide!!!
  10. mallala matsuri

    well said!
  11. Ideas for first car?

    yeh, i agree with the guys here. im from sa so its not that bad with car laws back when i was on p's. but my first car was a little white kf ford laser tx3 fwd. it was a awesome little car!! good fun. went alright for a little 1.8 twin cam! lol i then waited and now have my gtr! start small and work up the ladder!
  12. My s15

    wwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! now thats how a s15 should look!!!! thats amazing!!! awesome work! that colour looks sweet!
  13. Skyline only cruise

    that would be pretty cool i think, having all skylines. would make a pretty cool photo shoot!! lol
  14. Newbie, Sileighty SR20

    ahah, thanks mate. heh how long have u had this for? and wat is "lightly modded." Only about 6 months, Replaced the T25 with a High Flowed T28, High flowed my Injectors close to 600cc's 3.5 Inch straight through from the manifold TEIN SuperStreet Coilovers TurboSmart Boost Controller Blitz BOV Greddy Turbo Timer R33 Brakes R33 Rear Castor Arms Stage 1 Camber Rear XTD 5 PUK Brass/Ceramic Button Clutch Big f**k off front mount i/c K&N Pod/Heat Shield Had it mapped and tuned that's about all I've done.. or can think of at the moment oh yeah, running one bar boost. hahah that all?? nah looks real nice mate im a big onevia/ sleighty fan!! looks good!! any more plans for it mate?