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  1. Look up raven door seals They have a sh*t load of different ones
  2. agreed i would be reporting this to the cops Yeah +1 that's hit and run how's your back Sharp pains stiff neck . I can see a pay out coming on$$$$$
  3. Car Trashed

    School holidays are back
  4. key cutting & programming

    Pm me your ph number I can give you a call When i get to work i will check our insta code system see what I can find : )
  5. key cutting & programming

    This.. It's who we suggest at work If any one can they will be the ones . We forward all our road work to the boys Who do you work for? Nelsons
  6. Intercooler Install

    Jaustech. 13 Jacobsen Crescent Holden Hill SA 5088 (08) 8266 7244
  7. key cutting & programming

    This.. It's who we suggest at work If any one can they will be the ones . We forward all our road work to the boys
  8. key cutting & programming

    Alchin locksmiths
  9. 1st car Gd galant wagon ,yellow in color Old school gold meshies
  10. Looking for mining work

    Pm me your number I'll throw it to a mate works in wa 2 weeks on 1off .it's not what u know it's who u know ! Fu*kn iPhones
  11. STOLEN R32

    Pics ?
  12. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    . I can do plans but i charge $250. it takes 3=4 days to draw them up by scale I would only get a :150mmx50mmx2mm thick c-section shed with welded A frames and portal frames with welded plates. columns :150mmx50mmx2mm that go 600mm into the earth purlins :75x50mm 1.2mm thick. dont get to stressed out over it ! if you hand in the right sh*t first time you will be alright what you need = land title : your block, or if you dont have one ring land titles office and they will fax it to you : 8204 9015 tell them your street name and number and the persons name who owns the property "all drawings must be done to scale 1:200" your shed will be winds speed:cat 2 measure your block eg:"front yard" measure from your water meter to front wall of your house your land starts 450cm from the inside of your water meter. then measure the from your house to the boundry:from the front and back corner of your house to the side fence. "so on with the other side " back yard :back wall of your house to the back boundry line. draw all verandahs from the eave to the out side edge of gutter of your verandah . measure all your house walls. then draw it out by scale so all the perimeter measurements matches up with each other it sould look just like your house then draw your block in scale then cut your house drawing out. place your house drawing on your block drawing. now with the measurements that you took befor place your house drawing on the plan drawing. every thing should fall in place with all your measurements you have taken. that will give you a pretty much 98% scale drawing of you house and block and proposed subject to council dont worry about little sheds under 15 sq meters. then draw on plan drawing where you want your shed to be in your back yard "in scale" if you build 600cm off your fence line it makes it go through council qwicker always show: proposed shed.with sizes eg 12.2m x 6.2m x 2.7m : existing house. : existing verandah. : all fence line measurements "perimeters" and always go for the biggest shed you can so if they knock you back you can still get a good size one any thing over 15 sq meters and over 2.4 meters in height you need approval on. any other questions just pm me. i hope i "shed" some light on what you need to do regards simon
  13. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    biggest rip offs ever.... 11g for a car port extension ..10x4 lol get farked! yup definently some of the more expensive prices out there from what I have found That dude is a scammer. One of the worse company's in Adelaide. I quoted a job once. he was still 3 grand more than my quote and that was with his free install Lol And with the chance to win a free BBQ if they come out to quote a job. So they put it out to one of there subs To quote the job. so you can't even get a look in" free BBQ my arse"

    killa cliff its been a while but like normal crazy sh#ts been done.hella flush fuel cell not to far away now its been a long time. almost time to slide that puppy
  15. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    I don't know if I would let someone build my shed that can't spell council .Lol sorry nothing against ya What COUNCIL are you in ? Have you put any type of plans into council ? Have you got easements on your block? If you want to get council approval With out getting your self locked in with a company paying 20%deposit And then to find out that you can't even build a shed on your block . Give me a pm and I will help ya get the ball rolling I've got "specs"
  16. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    Yeah but plate fix sheds are sh*t no real strength really you want a welded Portal frame shed . All depends on How strong do you want your shed And if your going to hang a block and tackle eg: weights .cheap arse sheds are weak as sh*t + when you get a plate shed the installers charge you a Fu*k'n arm & leg prices they take 2-3 days to build .do a little bit of research befor you just get the first best price 90% of the time people wish they had spent a little bit more "and got the quality they wanted" Coming from experience we built a 9.1x7.5x2.7mtr shed in six and a half Hours. Fu*k'n iPhones suck balls
  17. Sa : top notch stickers he is a wiz with making stickers designs karts mainly but can do anything Shop 1, 73 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens, 5086, Adelaide, South Australia. Phone: 08 8369 1015 Off-street parking available. Can't find us? Corner of Muller Road and Poole Street. Hours of Business: Monday to Friday, 9:30AM to 5:30 PM Enquiries to: mark@inspectagadget.com.au
  18. London Riots

    police shot a Black unarmed teenager...
  19. London Riots

    was about to say this isn't news it's an almost daily occurence after every soccer match... you just stole the words out of my mouth... Face palm. You Need a Kick in the nuts
  20. London Riots

    They do the same thing when they don't win a soccer match. lol
  21. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    Olympic industries Head Office, Factory & Display 1233 Main North Road (cnr Maxwell Road) Para Hills West South Australia 5096 Phone: (08) 8349 5744 Fax: (08) 8349 4222 Email: enquiries@olympicindustries.com.au Only Ask for ask for Joe in sales he will give ya a good price and ask for a external installer "cash"
  22. Carpet change

    I'm thinking of changing mine and before I start ripping stuff out I wanna know if it's simple.. Do I have to remove chairs or anything ! Trolling