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  1. Safe Boost for ADM S15 Untuned?

    0.8 Bar. But do it right! Get a nistune done, It's cheap and will be a lot more effective+reliable.
  2. Jesse Streeter

    Been using Jessie for years, Wouldn't recommend anyone else higher.
  3. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    We got a workshop going down in the Greenacre/Bankstown area guys, Need anything please PM me or call me on 9790 0155 or 0468 770 570. Ask for Abraham if I am not on the line and let me know you're from NS so I can help out with prices!
  4. Listing Of Workshops In Sydney

    Hey guys! Just letting NS know that we now have a workshop here in Greenacre and I happy to help out all NS members with special prices. All mechanical work, auto-electrical, ICE and tuning. Feel free to call me on 02 9790 0155 or drop me a PM anytime!
  5. 350z Xunliao bay

    You know... This is actually pretty f**king cool!
  6. Free scratch and swirl removal

    With faded clear, How long do these results usually last?
  7. ////

    I think its got to do with the sponsors.. same deal on bodybuilding.com forums. Once sponsors starting coming in all curse words were censored as well as any steroid talk (even though they used to have a whole section dedicated to steroid use lol). As they say, cash rules everything. This. Why else do you think uplate was banished???
  8. ////

    *milkshakes* f**ked.
  9. Good Evening Gents, My front housing and intercooler piping does not have anywhere I am able to get a boost pressure source for my EBC. Is the lower nipple on the throttle body (To the canister) a boost source? (Not using canister either way) If not what is the easiest way to get a boost pressure source? 1 Way valve?
  10. Bbs Rs 18x9.5 With Tyres - $1,250

    Are these still avail?
  11. New paint for s15, thoughts!

    Lamborghini balloon white.
  12. Could I get some pics from other angles dude?
  13. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    Afternoon NS, Anyone here fitted something around the 18x11 +20 on their rears? I was planning on going +25mm rear quarters and just want to know how the fitment will be. Cheers guys Edit: For a 180sx.
  14. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    Thanks dude, That's probably the exact sorts of info I needed.
  15. 18x11 +20 Rears?

  16. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    Already checked. In fact for some reason I feel kind of offended that someone that once asked "how to roll cambers" has posted in a fitment related thread... Or the fact that NS went down hill pretty much as soon as you became an active member...
  17. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    Updated. Forgiveness. Pweese.
  18. Exedy Clutch vs Xtreme Clutch?

    Exedy are reputable for a reason. Pay the few extra dollars to save yourself possible headaches down the track, No one likes doing the same job twice.
  19. Working in the industry I see what Vinny spoke at least once a day; Bloke comes in and want XYZ done to his truck, Finds me too expensive, Goes elsewhere to only have a very expensive piece of machinery (A Volvo prime mover can easily exceed $400,000 brand new for just a cab over) turn into a potato. What is even sadder is that these things are costing them thousands each day the thing is grounded. There is a truth behind it however the way he handles these people is wrong. They have been burnt. Yes it's going to cost them now probably double what I initially quoted but I would never wave it around or turn someone down because of their attitude. In the end these around people that want to pay my bills, food, mechanics, running costs etc etc. Handle it like a professional and people might consider one and not go elsewhere. If I went into that workshop and got attitude; You just lost my business. A healthy relationship with the customer is a customer that will return. You get what you pay for guys, Especially in labor!
  20. RB25 S14 Daily

    25+zenki MMM porn. Keen to see more!
  21. Please PM with prices. Are you able to weld the internal gate flap before sending it?
  22. Power issue unsure of problem.

    Battery load test. Most places like supercheap and autobarn will do it free to earn your business.
  23. When will these be avail to public? Will there be an external gated version?