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  1. LTZ PLA Nissan S13 Silvia

    ASI quoted me $970 for both but has a min 3month wait
  2. LTZ PLA Nissan S13 Silvia

    Yeah, that's the only reason I was thinking of going a 6 point cage due to I've been told by the local performance shop who's used the same turbo kit in a hsv maloo, they told me they got just over 700hp and just under 800nm of torque at the wheels on low boost. I'll believe it when I get mine done. I'd be more happier with a clean, stable 550-600hp at the wheels. Any decent places to get radiator and intercooler made. Pwr said they would be more then happy to make it but they are expensive.
  3. I've been working on this car for a couple of years now and have nearly finished it. It's a 1992 Nissan S13 Silvia with a Twin Turbo Ls3 V8 and it has been blue plated for Queensland. I’m pretty much just waiting for someone good to build me a radiator and intercooler to suite. A little about the car, *Motor is now running 72lbs injectors, 102mm throttle body, full sikky conversion kit, MSD Atomic LS computer and a twin gt35 turbo kit with twin 3” exhaust. *Driveline has had all bushes and bearings replaced, done a r33 gtst 5stub brake upgrade (new hubs and rebuilt calipers), r33 booster and rebuilt bm50 master, new nismo 1.5LSD, manual steering rack conversion and also removed the original fuel tank and replaced it with a custom built alloy one with built in baffles. I centralised it and made sure I retained the original sender unit for ease of mind. *Interior is pretty much left stock but I’m thinking of putting in a roll cage. I think it’s quite fitting to have number plates saying LTZ PLA.
  4. Show us your custom Number plates

    Hey I paid $2400 in Queensland for LTZ PLA and still had money left over to put a twin turbo ls3 in my s13 silvia.
  5. LS1 S13 (LTZ PLA)

    I'm in Brissy. This is the clutch master rod I modded to suite s13. R32DRIFTA inspired. AND hoping after a respray in the original colour it looks like this as they are the same rims i got for mine. Gotta see if i got any other photos on my camera
  6. LS1 S13 (LTZ PLA)

    Yeah its been mod plated, so its able to be registered as a street legal car. Hopefully in a couple of months when i get used to driving the car. Motor will be coming out and a stroker done as im probably gonna keep it na. Trying to put photos onto my computer now, so hopefully will be up soon. Oh and if anyone is wondering what the LTZ PLA in the title is. Thats my number plates for this car. I thought it would suite it pretty well.
  7. LS1 S13 (LTZ PLA)

    My actual build has cost me to this day $22,257. Yes I've kept record of everything I have spent but I still need to get and pay for the exhaust, tuning and paint job. To be honest, if your gonna do this conversion. Budget for about $12000. LS1 & T56 manual box $4000-$5000 Sikky Conversion Kit around $3000 delivered (depends on Aus Dollar) Exhaust $2000-$3000 LS1 Engine wiring modded to s13 $600-$1000 Mini starter motor $300 Bits and pieces $1000... That is just a rough idea of costing.
  8. LS1 S13 (LTZ PLA)

    How's it going everyone? So here is a little bit about my car. It’s a 1992 Nissan S13 Silvia that was originally a sr20de auto and stock as a rock. I purchased it off an elderly Christian lady for $2500 in sept 2011 and the only time I drove it was from where I picked it up from, to my place which was a 5min drive. Ever since I got it, I wanted to do something fun and different with it and first thoughts was to rebuild the sr and whack a supercharger on it but then I heard about the ls1 conversion and instantly wanted to go that way. After doing some searching and reading reports about the daft ls1 s13 kits and the sikky kit, I chose the sikky kit as it looked like it was better built and their customer service was really good. After purchasing the sikky kit, I started replacing and upgrading everything on the car with brand new parts or rebuilt parts. I removed the whole a/c - heater unit as I’ve never used it in any of my other cars. I used a v8 vx commodore clutch master unit and modified it to suit an s13, big thanks to R32DRIFTA for the help and info on the clutch. By the time the sikky kit arrived, the engine bay was stripped and cleaned, Installed a freshly rebuilt 3port BM50 brake master cylinder onto a r33 booster and fitted to the car, I had replaced the stock brakes with freshly rebuilt r33 gtst calipers and new slotted rotors, Replaced all rubber brake lines to stainless steel braided lines, Changed the diff center to a rebuilt r33 lsd diff center and used the r33 drive shafts, installed a new rear r32 gtr whiteline 24mm swaybar, Installed new rear r33 bearing, used r33 hubs to convert the rear to 5 stud and some new s13 5 stud conversion hubs for the front, new Coilovers, new adjustable arms front and rear, got some new Recaro sr3 style seats for the front, removed the original fuel tank and installed a 83l fuel cell in the boot. I received the sikky kit in the arvo and had started fitting it all the next day, It Is now all installed and has been mod plated for everything. It has taken me nearly a year to get it up to this point but will be fully stripping the car again for a complete respray. After the car gets resprayed, I'm getting a full twin 2 3/4 exhaust made and the motor wired up to my new haltech ecu and wiring loom. Then it’s off again to get a good tune from the boys at STZ Automotive. I gotta admit, out of all the cars I've ever built up. This 1 has been the most fun and most expensive but I'm honestly looking forward to when it’s completely finished and the first drive . I'll upload some pics soon.
  9. LS1 S13 Call out

    I honestly don't know the guys name. He bought it for his mx5 circuit car but ended up using a ls2 instead. So I bought it off him. He showed me his mx5 and wow. It was amazing and stripped to the sh*t house.
  10. LS1 S13 Call out

    screw you hippy, they arent common. there is only a handful of ls1 s13 and next to no street registered ls1 s13. so far i only heard of 3 registered conversion and thats including mine. anyways, haters can hate and not post anything . To all people interested, Welcome .
  11. LS1 S13 Call out

    cheers for that mase, silvieson and all other positive posts/feedback. the only reason i say power to weight ratio is compared to all other engine conversions. The ls1 has nearly twice the amout of horsepower and torque stock. My motor is suppose to be the 285kw version. will try and sort out a build thread.
  12. LS1 S13 Call out

    The snozzberries taste like snozzberries
  13. LS1 S13 Call out

    Lol. Gotta admit. If I was a cop. I reckon I'd be a mad coppa. All my cars I've built and all the donut eating comps I'd hold, have a maple syrup chugging comps. Licence and registration meow. Come on meow.
  14. LS1 S13 Call out

    hows it going everyone. I'm a proud owner of a street legal LS1 S13 silvia I have built myself and want to meet anyone else that has done this conversion. have a meet up or just chat about what each other has done and are doing. Be nice to know the other manly blokes that can handle a real power to weight machine .
  15. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    any updates yet