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  1. i have a sr20 de from a s14 fitted in my 1991 s13,i would like to know do both s13 and s14 have the same box and clutch?or are they different? so i know what to order when i go to get a clutch thanks for any help
  2. is there anyone with a pair of vents for the s13 areo front bar,i only need the passenger side as it got lost on a drive last night ,will buy pair if prefered,im from the shire, will travel,pay good money,my number is 0449284170,thanks guys
  3. color coded wheels

    looks fine as is
  4. new paint

    bit of a long shot but i was wondering if there is anyone who is a painter or got mad backyard skills to paint my car for a agreed price,ide do all the prep ,supply paint,i just need someone with a place to spray it and skills,possibly plain white thanks,located in sutho shire
  5. how much?

    how much can i be expecting to pay for a new/used ignition coil and the lead that join to the distributor for my sr 20 de, s 13,thanks.
  6. n00b Questions

    as for taking your bmx around i saw a bike rack in a bike shop the other day that sorta just hangs in the boot and you close boot on it, only takes 1 bike thow
  7. My first nissan

    looks nice,maybe a pin stripe to finish off
  8. My 1990 HCR32

    yeah james thats me true,looking tuff
  9. My 1990 HCR32

    is this matt that used to ride at menai?its james by the way(donnys mate)
  10. want to go skidpan first time

    thanks guys,im keen on tonyt,is it still on with this crazy wether?
  11. want to go skidpan first time

    can anyone give me some info bout eastern creek skid pan nights?i just got my car ready for my first one ,i know the costs and time but cant find anything else,what is scruiteneering,are there clothing reqiurements,i have sum spare wheels and a approved helmet , thanks for any help
  12. newbie

    at the moment it has coilovers all round,buddy club p 1 rims,aftermarket muffler,just jap steering wheel ,nismo leather shifter and drift hand brake button thing,just tidyd it up,gave a buff, steam clean engine,changed all fluids and new battery,spark plugs and air filter,just wana keep it clean,simple and tight
  13. newbie

    hey,my names james,im from the shire and just bought my first s 13 and done a little work on i,t best thing ive ever bought