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  1. not v card related but just about, havnt had a root in about 4 weeks and last night grabbed this pig dog and got a wristy in the bathroom, full high school shit, was mad
  2. Instagram

    Jumped on SmugOne, great find. Anyone know of any hellaflush, drift or jap car pages in general?
  3. Instagram

    Do you follow anyone entertaining? Marutaro popped up on recommended the other day, it was a photo of a fox like dog from Japan, no every day I can't wait for the updates for some reason... The dog genuinely makes me happy, it's sad I know. Elzup is another Melbourne artist that I like to keep up to date on. Anyone else got someone to add?
  4. COD: Black Ops 2

    Dick fart just through my brain into another relm, it was sick.
  5. The iPhone Thread

    Whats going on with my farkin SpudPhone 5, battery life sucks huge dicks. Go to work with about 90%, few phone calls, play roun d with it for mayb e 45 minutes during the day and its dead by home time. LEMON.
  6. COD: Black Ops 2

    Just had a good sesh on ground war domination was scoring about 6000 points with 40-50 kills a game with a 3.0kd. That first assault rifle is serious business once you get the hang of it with the right perks. Still havnt even prestiged, on level 45.
  7. COD: Black Ops 2

    Was scat dogging after new years and turned this on, played for hours and ended up learning the maps. I like it a lot better but when ever i get sick of it i just chuck in mw3 and own *milkshakes* and im back on board. just play ground war really and tdm when my mates are on so we can work as a team. Find myself moving away from smg and more into lmg and assault rifle depending on level.
  8. Aussie here and had the same set of 16 in use since I was a kid. Got 2 sets still in plastic sitting in a cupboard somewhere that are not for sale, air looms to be passed down through generations!
  9. COD: Black Ops 2

    but black ops is so shit! cant wait til november..
  10. COD: Black Ops 2

    Havnt turned it on in over a week, going back to mw3 i think.
  11. Merry Xmas

    What do you call a penguin in the sahara desert? - Lost. What animals need oiling? - Mice because they squeak. What kind of cough medicine does Dracula take? - Coffin medicine. What do you get if you cross a fish and two elephants? - Swimming trunks. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah nah
  12. MCM Finale - Budget Street Cred

    That was some funny shit, well done guys. But as asked above what did the cops say??
  13. S15 Spec R GT Headroom

    Just go on carsales.com and go check one out. Forget about the carton of booze, just act as if your an interested buyer.
  14. COD: Black Ops 2

    Bout to have another crack, gonna go ground war and camp like the rest of the tits in there. It's not as fun teasing kids when their better then you :/