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  1. How to change parker bulb on s13?

    Does anyone know what needs to be done to clutch kick? Do I need to swap out my auto for a manual? I haven't actually looked under the footwell how to do it - i just wanted to get feedback/idea if any one has recently done how easy it is?
  2. S13.4 Conversion

    Thanks for the input guys. I've done some research but everyone seems to have different experiences, especially with certain conversion kits you can buy. I am assuming 4.5k is the least I can be expected to pay, or is this about the average price for a properly done conversion with top quality work and respray of the front?
  3. How many people have done this, and is it worth it? I'm considering saving for an S14a front conversion for my s13, simply because the kouki front is sex for your eyes . I'm just wondering how much a conversion like this will cost, with all the work done properly in a workshop. What are some of the common complications with this type of conversion? Any help or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  4. Whenever I go in for new tyres or a wheel alignment I stay and watch them work on my car; I trust the owners but I don't trust the young labourers.. If I ever take my car into a mechanic and he says it's going to take longer than a couple of hours, just before I hand over the keys I take a photo of the speedo and measure the tread left on the back tyres, and I make sure he sees me doing it, that way I never get the car back with more than 1 or 2 km's on it. When I first took it to this place, I went to pick up the car 30mins early in my mrs car, and just as I was turning the corner to drive into the mechanics I saw my car driving up the street.. Needless to stay instead of stalking the apprentice driver stealthily I chased him down just as he was entering an empty car park and boxed him in. He turned my car around and drove it back to the mechanics and I was "assured" that he was simply taking it for a short test drive... It was only in there for a free general service and to change the clutch fan blades.
  5. 180 vs the cops.

    waste of a perfectly good body kit...

    Who needs bolt ons when you have cable ties and a third grade education!
  7. Car Starting Problem

    This is the list of things the mechanic did. - Inspect all fuses - ok - Test for power to starter motor - Fail - Remove starter motor and bench test - ok - Refit starter motor and inspect immobiliser - ok - test inhibitor switch - ok - Remove steering cover and inspect wiring loom and ignition switch - Bypass wiring loom from ignition switch to starter motor - car starts - Locate bad earth on ignition switch and repair
  8. A few months ago I started having problems starting my car. It would start fine majority of the time, but on the odd occasion I would drive somewhere, stop for a bit, then try and start the car to leave and... nothing. The accessory lights come on, but the car won't start. It started occurring more often, and then a few weeks ago it wouldn't start in the morning. I left it for a few days and tried again but nothing. I tried researching some potential problems and some suggestions were the starter solenoid, battery, starter motor and immobiliser. I towed the car to the mechanic and he kept it for a few days and I told him what I thought could be wrong and he checked everything, but nothing seemed to be working incorrectly. Eventually after almost a week he found out that there was something wrong with the earth wire and fixed it and the car worked fine after that. I've had the car back for a week and a half and last night I went out, parked for 20 minutes, tried to start the car and nothing.. Left the car and came back an hour and a bit later and it started fine.. It seems to only stuff up after the car is already warm, and most of the time will start after about 40 minutes of cooling down. But it only happens occasionally.. Anyone experienced anything like this before and have a solution other than a faulty earth wire? -Thanks Vatos
  9. Boot Leaking

    hehe yeh I went nuts with the sicaflex on the tail lights but it still leaks.
  10. Boot Leaking

    Hey guys, I've got a really annoying problem and just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any insight into the problem. My boot somehow is leaking water really badly and I have no idea where it is coming from. It's not the seals because they're all fine, and initially I thought it could be the tail lights because I pulled them out and they were flooded, so I sealed all the gaps I could find and that didn't fix the problem. The water seems to fill up in the left hand side gap of the boot where the jack is (if I put my hand down the gap the water sits about half way up my arm) and tends to also spill over into the space where my spare tyre used to be. It's really annoying because the water is leaking onto the subs and the amp and the condensation from all the water is making all the carpet stuff smell and it's a massive head fk to keep cleaning every time it rains. I wasn't going to worry too much about it, but this bi-polar melbourne weather is going to drive me insane if I don't get it fixed.
  11. Oh dear god

    That's sexy I've already got the dash cover so might as well buy the car now:quagmire:

    Loud and annoying represent!!!! LoL I reckon the club should be called RONE1, make up a sticker that says RONE1 on the top and something bout N/A on the bottom. It'd be like And1 basketball.
  13. I agree, I don't think the driving age should be increased, but the quality of those driving hours should definately be reviewed... getting lessons from a proper driving school should be compulsory, but then again not everyone can afford the $60 lessons. I was kicked out of home when I was 18, because my dad didn't like the position my bed was in (f*kn mental case) so I know how important having your license is when you turn 18. The government needs to create some kind of program to supply learner drivers with basic fundamental lessons from a driving school.. but knowing our government, you can't rely on them for shit.. they'd rather give money to bums on the dole to support their drug addictions than fund a program that could potentially save lives.
  14. Are you kidding me? I barely drove on my L's and when I got my p's... I had my car for 48 hours and slammed through a fence and into 5 tree's on the kinglake mountains. Learner drivers need more practice, and not just with their parents, because personally I know my dad is an idiot, they need lessons with professional instructors and advance driving courses.
  15. sr20 problem

    Could also be a gearbox problem, my s13 was doing the same thing randomly and then gradually over time got worse, but randomly it would be fine, then stuffed up unexpectedly.