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  1. Contiki tours

    Contiki is sick. I did a 14 day European highlights tour and we partied every single night for 13 nights in a row. Everyone on our tour really enjoyed it, and there were quite a few couples on it too. My only recommendation is that you go for a minimum of 20 days, cause 14 was a bit too short. We only spent a max of 2 nights in one place, so it got a bit annoying repacking all the time and you get days to relax and recover. Definitely do it though and go meet some cool people. I'd also recommend travelling around by yourself in the same holiday, cos its a different experience and you obviously can do things at your own pace. I'd say 2 weeks by yourself, and then finish with a 20 day contiki. Also, do as many pubcrawls as possible. The ones in Prague, Berlin and Camden in London are awesome.
  2. RC Drift cars

    yeh i've got a drift car, its a tamiya TT01D. theyr a good chassis and dont cost heaps. otherwise you could get an HPI E10, they usually come as a complete set with all the bits that you need. this is what my baby looks like =] http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=461532&st=0&p=5933856&fromsearch=1entry5933856
  3. Skiing / Snowboarding

    ive been to austria which has some pretty good powder and terrain variation (depending on which resort you stay at) gonna hit up japan in february with a whole bunch of mates, so it should be awesome. ill see if i can squeeze in some time to check out the car culture there too =]
  4. Next top Model.

    voted. love these sort of things haha beibers tour to north korea was another good one
  5. Increasing Speed Limits

    yeh but again it just comes down to the police enforcing more meaningful traffic laws. why do i never see the rusted out shitbombs with bald tyres etc with yellow stickers? if the cops started cracking down on poorly maintained cars, it wouldnt be such a problem to raise the limit. that being said, ultimately its the driver education that needs improving cos then people would perhaps realise the dangers of a poorly maintained car and do something about it. all we can do is dream tho....
  6. Increasing Speed Limits

    yeh agreed, australia's driver education is severly lacking. they need to improve it to be on par with sweden's driver ed (from wikipedia) The practical training varies depending on how well you can already operate the vehicle Driving tests (Usually around 13 or 14 before you are ready for the final test) Risk 2 (Hazard education). This tests how you manoeuvre your vehicle in the winter if it's slippery and effective braking.The theoretical tests in Sweden consists of 8 tests. Phase A,B and C ( Traffic & Risks ) Phase Vehicle ( How to maintain your vehicle ) Phase Repeat ( Repetition of prior steps but with additional questions ) Phase Final test ( Recreating a final test from "Vägverket" ) You'll also have to take the "Risk 1" theoretical training about drugs, alcohol and driving. ( All these are completed on the computer except the Risk 1 which you will work together in a group and listen to an instructor ) A learner's permit can be issued at age 16. The student may choose to learn by going to a driving school or in private with up to four different instructors. Usually a mix of the two is used. These instructors must be 24 or older and must have held a valid driver's licence for five years (it must not have been cancelled temporarily for drunk driving and other serious traffic violations, but a single speeding conviction is now acceptable). The instructors and student must go through a traffic safety course before permission is granted; it takes about three hours to complete and is usually given at all driving schools on certain dates. When learners reach age 18 they may take a theory test ; a score of 52 out of 65 questions is required to pass. They must also attend a hazard lesson, which may, for instance, take place at a track which is sprayed with oil to make it slippery. First, students learn about the human factor and other dangers in traffic; then they drive the course and try to make the car spin so they can learn to control it during such situations. Students then take a driving test. If they pass, a driver's licence is granted. Driving test for class B (car) The student must show knowledge of how to do a standard check of the vehicle, like checking the brakes, the brake fluid, the lights etc. Then there is the driving test. When it comes to B license you will go through three steps, city road (for example driving in a soft manner), highway (making sure you accelerate fast and yet drive safe for the environment and traffic safety), housing estate (making sure you are observant of people and pets that may move through these areas). The student must be able to handle traffic and know the traffic rules. Probation The first two first years are considered a probationary period. If a driver commits a serious traffic offense during that time, the licence is revoked, and the driver must retake the driving test to regain it.
  7. RC Ken Block Impreza

    you guys don't miss much haha. @sleepa20v, i had a bit of a look for 6 spoke rims but there wasn't much on ebay so i just settled on the 5 spoke since i wanted to get it done =] @EVO POWER, i assume you mean poor fitment of the light buckets? unfortunately, i didn't realise that i wasn't supposed to cut out where the lights go. should have probably read the instructions a bit more closely but its the first shell i've done so i'm just glad i didnt stuff it up completely have to work on my drifting skills before i attempt a video
  8. RC Ken Block Impreza

    yeh its a 1/10 tamiya TT01D, with an EzRun 5.5T brushless motor and 2s LiPo. Heaps of power for drifting, and on foam tyres it hits about 65km/h
  9. RC Ken Block Impreza

    bought a sticker kit off ebay
  10. Just completed my RC Ken Block replica yesterday, thought I'd post some pics and show you guys. I think it came out pretty well for a first attempt =] A couple pics with the lights on, but with black wheels