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  1. 180sx build suggestions

    Cheers mate. i should have also included that it does already have an exhaust system on it. Whats a rough price for the parts you mentioned?
  2. Hi all, Just bought a 180sx and i am rather new to the diy game. My goal is to have a clean, fresh car... but with some power. Im not looking for a spastic amount of power, just a little more than stock to make it run nicely . It is currently a ca18det, with a pod, airbox, short shift kit and a boost gauge as the only mods. In saying all this, im not looking to spend alot of money either, as im a very family orientated guy, but still have a lovely passion for nissans , (owned a r31 that i paid lots of $$ to have turned into a monster =D) As im only just getting back into the Nissan scene, i would love some tips and pointers... maybe even pictures of what people have done, and an order that you might suggest in doing so. Please keep in mind, that this one is going to be alot of DIY and backyard bbq and beer days with mates (and anyone else who enjoys fresh air, sizzling meat, and beer from victoria here on the forums). So keeping that in mind, cheap is what im after. (group buys, parts people want to get rid of... ect...ect... All help is much appreciated here guys =D Regards, Kris