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  1. Make : HOLDEN COMMODORE Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used hey guys as title states iv got 2002 holden vu and dirtbike that i want to swap.i still need a work vehicle so only interested in swapping for either vu vy vz ute (v8 only) xr6 turbo ute, a bagged ute of some sort, modified van or tuff looking 4x4.could possibly do a cash difference swap also. ute is pretty much standard v6 290xxxks manual lowered with sl king springs on ceptors dvd player headunit hardlid with remote lock needs front fenders replaced and one headlight nothing major hasnt been in a accident or anything my mate just reversed into it twice!!! in his 4wd putting a couple dents in (easily replaced) may do it for the right swap bike is 2008 yz250 2 stroke! pro taper bars monster sticker kit rest is standard... been told it needs new gearbox iv only ridden it a couple times briefly, then brought a drift car and lost interest lol can pm me or 0449254934
  2. Possibly moving to NZ

    hey bud im from there the most commonly used sight for cheap drifters is www.trademe.co.nz.apart from that next biggest thing now days is word of mouth. what exactly are you looking for?mods?condition?road legal or not? pretty much all my mates from there have drifters so shouldnt be hard sourcing something or pointing you in the right direction. also id say if you really like drifting youll absolutely love it over there.its huge there now with open track days being held every weekend if your around central north island.
  3. Importing a Track Car

    hey guys my friends looking at moving over from nz and we are wanting some info on how to go about bringing his track car over aswell for strictly track use.could really use some help with this cheers.