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  1. Forza Motorsport 4

    add ' MRGclub187' for tandems, had some pretty close ones with blingy last night. I still have to add ya blingcommander.
  2. Anyone remember Drift Battle magazine?

    Almost had a heart attack when i was at a deli getting food for work turned around and seen driftbattle. Snatched that bad boy straight away. Tyre pressure gauge was a good bonus too..
  3. Herro.. Quick question probly going to get flamed lol (Im a noob, barely got to look at this car) Where does this hose/line go? And what is it? Vac line? Cheers.. Flame on!
  4. Gasket must be gone, or a hole/split in your dump pipe possibly...
  5. MRG's - 180 track project

    So i checked the ECU today for fault codes, flashed with a 55 so no error codes then... Took the AFM off today because it was filthy and no doubt one of the main cause of my problem. Also getting a second hand set of coil packs, so that will hopefully sort the problem if not ill keep going through the list. Few questions: (noob) Where does/did this orginally go? What seats are these, i take it theyre not ca 180 ones lol.. Need a FL30A fuse and a FL75A fuse.. Wheres the best place to buy? And chucked my $50 front bar on and painted they ghey stockies... *I just want money to spend *
  6. MRG's - 180 track project

    Yea im also thinking this, got a feeling about coilpacks, will have to spend a whole weekend on it soon to figure it out. Im just going to test/replace all things spark, fuel and air lol Hopefully get results..
  7. MRG's - 180 track project

    Ok so i made a thread previously but when i didnt have the car with me so it was all inncorrect info etc. Thought i'd delete and chuck another one up as im beging to work on it more once i move. History: (It's a shit one) I bought this car cheap off a member on here, a running ca18det 180sx minus bonnet and front bar. Basicly i rushed to buy it and was very busy at the time and never bought a battery to start the car before purchase, got it cheap anyway so didnt really care. Towed it to my mates for storage and managed to get a battery within the next week, started it and realised something was wrong checked the sparkplugs and noticed water in cylinders 2,3. Off she went to get it's head faced/machined, new cometic 1mm metal head gasket, aswell as full gasket kit installed. After some time i went to pick the car up, started the car and was idealing a bit rough which mechanic thought due to bad fuel. I went on my way to the servo, spitting a struggling past 2k revs, got half a tank of 98 octane and continued home hoping the new fuel will solve the problem. After getting home with almost no change in performance from the new fuel popped the bonnet and motor was cooking (turbo region), thermostat had blocked up, i changed that although was still stuck with the problem of struggling past 1500-2k revs. The turbo would be spooling as if you were at 3.5-4k rev although u were at 2k, seemed the motor couldnt keep up, if that make sense lol??. Im currently changing house and cant see or work on the car much due to it being at my mates, i really need to have a good look soon but can anyone suggest whats wrong? Injectors? Coilpacks? Heres the whore. These door trims are for sale too btw lol. Was around my mates last weekend so i ripped the carpet out and stripped it a bit. And put my boss kit and steering wheel on from -Sleeka Spares- Need To Do: (When i move and can then work on it) Get CA running. Put Lock bar in. Put Cusco Oil Catch can on. Weld Ze diff. Get coilys Strut braces Skid rims and be on my way. Then: Hopefully wanna strip it down and full rebuild to how i like it with a SR, seem weld, cams cage, tubs, clean engine bay, learn along the way, just want to get out there and skid first before i take it on as a year/s long project. Cheers Mick
  8. Vroom vroom C33 Laurel build.

    Great car man, cant wait yo see what you'll so with it. Try JDM spares aswell, they seem to have a fair bit, facebook em if u cant find their site..
  9. buying coilovers

    I had the same problem, but realised not to go second hand and am going with BC's for sure..
  10. SOLD!

    Yea, my head hurts.. This^..... Or were those specs of your old 180 that u swapped?
  11. so long mike

    A lot of people hate Mike Rann lol I was driving to the shops today, was at an intersection and as a old guy crossed the road behind my car screams out "Shove that up your arse Mike Rann". WTF?? He was like 70 lol
  12. about to buy a 180

    Yea sounds like a dropped valve, happened to my sr20det s14... New motor was easier then trying to fix it. So i sold the kent n let someone else stuff around with it.. My opinion stay far away.
  13. Someone buy Daigo Saito's 2010 D1 Car!

    Back in a minute, goin to the bank for a loan!
  14. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Will be taking my 180 to you guys shortly i reckon. Got a bit of work that needs doing for it to be track ready.... Will contact you shortly with info.. Cheers Mick
  15. Ebisu Spring Matsuri/Wreck em Meihan Day

    That would be wild watching the wall come closer n closer, then wack!!! I would shit myself lol