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  1. Sorry mate, HEL braided lines too.
  2. I have the same issue with mine - S13 with R32 gtst brakes. Rear length is actually spot on, fronts are 15cm too long. I'm getting a custom pair of front lines made up soon as it sh!ts me.
  3. Fair effort. Still have your feet yeh?
  4. Another RB31 S15

    such win
  5. Cheers Blingy That's gold! Thanks!
  6. Anyone know the wheel weights of TM02s?
  7. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    i made my own reverse swing clutch out of the standard pedal box. since i made my own mounts i have the engine sitting pretty much on the firewall so there is no way a m/c would fit.. i looked at going down the full new brake/clutch pedal box setup but since im retaining rego and a dash it makes it a little difficult. Thanks mate. Could you show us a few pics? Looking at doing something like this in the future
  8. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    Quick question, how are you mounting your clutch master cylinder?
  9. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    Awesome job on the engine bay and wire tuck!
  10. Wheel offset to clear brembo

    A mate with a S15 had a pair of 17x9 +22 RPF1s, evo brembos. Calipers hit the spokes. Went to a 17x9.5 +18 and cleared without any issues
  11. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

  12. I purchased steering wheel bolts from them, took 7 months to arrive.