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  1. Member has been banned, click report rather then bother loz about these matters, there is a whole team that can respond to problems if you click the report button..
  2. aircon stuck on hot air

    Read.. No need to post any more...
  3. I WIN

    Only thing you win Kemp!
  4. I WIN

    I win
  5. I WIN

    I win!
  6. Got nothing nice to say, then saved it. Other wise you will enjoy a holiday.. The kid is trying to offering a free service and is trying to learn something, Give her a break..
  7. All Japan Day 2011

    Impact, Evo keep your personally bashing off the public forums, You both have been warned that many times about it. Other wise both will be on mod review for 3 months
  8. Photo of your ride

    Yes, we all know and see you. and the logs from your posts do not get edited when you edit them to the public. Last warning..
  9. Looking at beginning steroids

    Test C, once a week for 12 weeks. Make sure you have PCT on hand before you start, go talk to a doctor first if you say your slightly retarded. Read the rules and don't post about steroids on this forum. It is not legal in AUS. Use google for infomation, there is everything you ever want to know about the subject posting on the internet.
  10. Loz! SAU has it, Get on it! :D

    with the amount of retards that post crap on this site, it will turn to shit in about.. 15 mins, just like the rep system did.. It works on SAU, cause the amount of retards are very very small. Here on the other hand, many think its a playground.. It WILL NOT work as a public open free for all system on ns.com Honestly tell me how many posts you have read with out a useless,pointless or abusive reply?
  11. Loz! SAU has it, Get on it! :D

    While you were banned, I already worked on a way to set this up, Still sorting out finer details, A site this big and something like that can not just be done over night with a few boxes ticked. It takes alot of work to set it up. And as of now, the system will not be open to the public to rep others, It will be ran by a mod(s) who you summit proof of the sale/trade to and then they approve the feedback.
  12. My TV Dilemma

    55 led here, same brand. Not a single problem. I paid 4700 would never trade it for another brand, I spen t weeks checking out other brands and picked samsung.
  13. which tuner in brisbane for powerfc

    -1 for rob, homo was in vic and didnt even make the effort to take me out for a drink...
  14. All your doing is supporting it by linking to their ebay store... Is it your store?
  15. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=447708
  16. Have I been ripped off?

    do you feel the need to pointlessly spam this thread? for once that wasnt directed at you aj
  17. Have I been ripped off?

    Got your attention didn't aj?
  18. Have I been ripped off?

    cause I asked what the fags address is? Oh knows... He had 24 hours to reply and didnt bother to do anything about it!
  19. Have I been ripped off?

    Aj number 2? Loz hasn't replied to the list, Things are in motion, Just slow with loz.
  20. Have I been ripped off?

    Well as you can see others are still trading with him, So If he is still a active member and ripping off others. Don't you think its good to lose money from one person and stop 20 others? Did you get your item? What item was it
  21. Have I been ripped off?

    So update on this... Has he done anything about it or still screwing you around. cause Im hanging for this
  22. Have I been ripped off?

    He has changed his username as of today, I have pm'd him he has 24 hours to work it out or be removed from the site. Do you need to post usless shit in every post? There was no need to post in this thread.

    A 3 day ban? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=464240
  24. Hardtuned.net Feedback thread

    Click report then Same with EOI, 99% of those are useless posts. Report that shit!