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  1. Australias widest silvia/180sx?

    Damn, that's crazy hot! Bit of a shame about the paint matching though (it's hard to match metal/fibreglass)... or is it better in real life?
  2. My Non-Nissan Motor Vechile

    Cool, but um... why is the power so low? Edit... oops, didn't realise it ain't turbo'ed yet...
  3. My 200sx S15

    Nice car, very clean. Calipers look good too - did you spray them?
  4. 3700rpm @ 100km/h

    Have you guys actually checked the fuel usage versus RPM for the CA18DET/SR20DET? I know for my H22A that the most fuel efficient RPM is in the range of 3000-3500RPM (peak torque of low cam) - this is from factory. At 110km/hr in 5th gear my car is doing 3500RPM thereabouts, so it's actually more fuel efficient than doing 2000RPM in the same gear... Is it different for turbo due to boost coming on around that RPM? Hence leaning out the mixture and using more fuel compared to off-boost RPM?
  5. Nissan FAST Software...

    Hey mate, I have it... but unfortunately my internet isn't working properly at the moment (my ISP has screwed up!) If you can wait a week or two, I'll be able to make a torrent for you. Let me know.
  6. my beautiful boot install

    Particle Board? Is that air tight???
  7. Bathurst 1991 vid

    awesome, where'd you find this???
  8. put the car in 4th gear @ say 60km/hr and put your foot flat to the floor... if your revs go up and your speed doesn't (at all or by much) - then your clutch is slipping
  9. Honda vtec's

    K20A is from the DC5 integra type r mate, the S2000 engine is the F20C and the F22C in the new S2Ks (Jap & USA get 2.2L)
  10. Honda vtec's

    I too have heard/seen of that DC2 converted in the states... however if you want to do it - the weight distribution is all wrong for a start... 63:37 for the teg type r and 'lude. That, and honda engines spin the opposite way to most other FWDs... it would be a real challange. However it has been done... although the question is - "why bother?" (and the answer, in the case of the American DC2 is "because we can" (and also to stand out from the other 120 million people there) )
  11. is it the 105km/hr warning chime?
  12. My little cefiro

    She's come a long way dude... I saw her just after you got her - I need to see her before she sells!!! Looks awesome in the pics, good work... how's your wallet looking? I bet it's not as PHAT!
  13. Movie - Ocean Blue 200sx S13

    Screw cutting the size... get a decent server! 3kb/sec... come on! I can get 50 times that speed...!
  14. Legal Advice

    hey smokey, this is a joke to me - you say that it's impractical to expect General Duties officers (i.e. police, who are supposed to uphold the LAW and be knowledgeable in the LAW) to know about all these laws, let alone enforce them - however - you say we, the general public, should be aware/knowledgeable about all of these different laws... What kind of stupid system is that? Double standards I say. If we need to go to the library/research to find these laws - and if we're expected to know them, then SO SHOULD THE GENERAL DUTIES OFFICERS. What kind of reason can you give me to argue against that?
  15. Why does maching make it "not really that smooth"???