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  1. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    Hahaha thats great
  2. KRISTY Fraser-Kirk

    Being a chick you get hit on all the time take it as a compliment not a law suit geez...Its a f**king joke that she got any money out of it!!! Not even ZOO mag would hire her they'd be too scared she'll sue later for photos being taken on wrong angle or some shit!!! As for womens rights activists she is giving us a bad name... GET A SEX CHANGE IF YOU STRUGGLE BEING A WOMAN.!!!
  3. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    Someone should seriously organise a catch up so we can all at least meet up and go for a fun cruise!!!! Everytime someone organises one no1 shows or wb to post. Lets do it girlies
  4. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    Hahaha i feel the same way about my town in NSW. Come on girls represent!!! Hey Pink, where is NSW are you located?? On mid north coast... In Port Macquarie. WHat about your self???
  5. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    Thank you!!! Do you know anyone that would like to buy it Its for sale at $14990.... very motivated seller already had a price drop from $16k.
  6. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    Hahaha yeah thanks i think. And wouldve liked a nice set of rims but its all i couldve afforded at the time. And now its for sale so not spending anymore $$$ on it.
  7. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    Nah i dont have a fb cause i watch all my friends get stalked haha... Me and my man just dont get cought up in the drama lol. Ill just stick to ns.
  8. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    PMSL !! I agree any time I say anything people see newbie I just slap me down! Hey wont you lose money on what you have already spent on your car? Nice car by the way, dont need to repeat whats been said about wheels and injectors. being pink might turn a few boys off buying it. Yes im losing lots and lots of money...... But alas a house calls for me... And i get picked on a little bit cos im a chick and people assume i dont know what im talking about. But every one has a different taste and whatever so yeah. Hopefully post enough so newbie status goes away lol.
  9. Hahahaha cute dog but would want to keep her i wouldnt pick a house until i knoew that you could take her with!!!! Are you going to ask them to take her to your new joint???
  10. They are great dogs...And as they are both under 3 years old i dont think ill ever find another 2 dogs that are so well mannered and smart!!! As for your dads dogs not liking the posty....Me and my boyfriend ride trail bikes and when we use to wear helmuts around them they'd go nuts...Tell the posty if he values his life to ditch the helmut lol....
  11. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    Hahaha well its for sale so you can have it Just pay some $$$$ get cam gears and shafts, big turbo and maybe an s15 cut you'll be sweet.... fast and good looking car.
  12. Yes chicks can do up cars too....:)

    Thank you i like it....I actually havent been on a cruise yet lol.... Would love to....If the next one comes up and its still for sale i shall But hopefully once advertised it will go pretty quick!!! I like the styling and how different it is dont worry bout the haters its always in the game i like how you did it it really suits hopefully u can get another silvia maybe a cheap s13/180? and you can still be in the car scene Thank you very much Its a little bit different from just a tough looking car...Its cleanPretty even)lol and goes hard. Where as most either look good and dont go hard or vice versa..Thats what ive found anyway lol
  13. Hahhah im from a little coastal town i dont even think we have anyone from differrent culture living here lol let alone a whole newspaper... Like your thinking though
  14. Yeah they are so affectionate considering they were once hunting dogs its a nice change of events lol.... Thank you for the advice