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  1. Boy with an arse for a face.

  2. that car has the "GODVILLA" effect i can picture the fleeing japs as it cruises along!
  3. 1994 180SX

    Was thinking of doing the same with the carbon fibre wrap but wasn't sure if it'd look any good, point is your looks hot!
  4. 2000hp production car

    pfft too much wasteful power, Look at the veyron and the veryron supersport. 1000 hp - 1200 hp and the top speed jumped only from 410 to 430... If you gave the veyron 2000hp might only achieve 450 kmph Better off improving your aero, as speed like that the air becomes as thick as gravy to drive through lol!!
  5. 90 Silvia

    Night riders evil twin!
  6. sileighy home after 3 month respray

    looks good bro - i reckon it'll be smoken when it's road ready

    In germany atm snowboarding for a few days. It's great snow but so farking cold
  8. Post your height & weight

    6"2 & 93 kg solid, goal would be 100kg lean
  9. Looking at beginning steroids

    thanks for all the great opinions I'll do some thinking and well... if i decide to give it a crack I'll post up my experiences and results in 6 months time. as my friend 'Max' says "Life's to short to be small"
  10. Been sacked for a funny reason?

    Used to worked in a bottle-shop. My stupid boss fired half his employees because he was trying to cut costs. Had to take a weekend off for personal reasons, gave him a months notice of it. Turns out it was grand final weekend and my boss was forced to cover the shift because he had no spare employees. This is my footy crazyed aussie bogan boss. Needless to say that there was never another shift avaliable for me.
  11. Looking at beginning steroids

    I was under the impression it was the opposite. Reading up i thought people said they started eatting like crazy on the roids like 3000-5000 calories a day or something bonkers. And you'd have to put in heaps of hard work at the gym, the roids just let you improve faster and make better gains. Plus you'd have to add cardio everyday so you don't f**k your cardiovascular system from all the extra cholesterol. Seems like more work and more food lol @ maiky-s15r I've heard of clem, seemed just as illigal and risky as steroids from the press on it at least. An ex-bodybuilder i know swears by duromine for his cutting but he is a weirdo so i don't trust him. I mean seriously he got a xXx tattoo on the back of his neck.... @ datsum 180 Cheers for the heads up, would be heart broken if i got banned ns is the shizzle @ driftkid Love the squats and deadlifts, always felt people overlooked the power moves because newbs resist working on their legs. Concrete.... ?
  12. Done a few months of Ju jitsu on and off and love it. Would like to get serious but have moved back down south east. Any recomendations of some good places to learn Ju jitsu? Anywhere near the dandenong area. Or i could i just go to dandenong station and fight with all the f**kwits who hang around there
  13. Blonde + disney land

    had to cringe at the bulldog part of the joke
  14. Looking at beginning steroids

    At datsun180, no offence but whats the problem? i didn't ask anything about sources Alright looks like i should elaborate a bit. 4 or 5 day split depending on my work and study commitments. Been changing my routines up every 10 weeks or so but generally split into chest, back, legs, shoulders & arms days. I trained with a friend who helped keep the workouts challenging. Also work as a removalist around uni which burns energy likes crazy, and i found helped me build my strength up. I've had success cutting before but I dropped all my muscle and i don't want to go there again. My diet when I've been bulking is high calorie but clean mostly. around 2300-2500. And down to 2000-2100 when I'm cutting. 5 meals a day MINIMUM. Chicken breast, fish (salmon & tuna) and the occasional red meat (lean cuts). Mixed vege, saland and sometimes rice to balance meals. 40-40-20 protein carbs fat. In reality I've been training at the gym for years but only in the last couple of years have i taken it very seriously.