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  1. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    i was under the impression the colour was always called "Shiraz" like the wine. LS1 is the paint code (kind of ironic hey? LOL)
  2. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    i reckon they have got that whole setup pretty well sorted hey, its got everything, skids, drifting, powerskids, cruising, show and shine, dyno comp, food, atm machines, couldn't really fault it besides the weather but rain just equals fun lol, and i've never really drifted before as i'm not a fan of gutters so basically what you see in the vid is me sort of just getting my head around how the car is going to react, i mean its clearly not setup for drifting as 3rd cog is abit too loose but second was definitely heaps of fun hahaha I only got to do 1 day of powercruise as the friday i had to get tyres cos i couldnt get the ones i wanted in townsville due to no stock so had to piss fart around working out where to go to get em so we just cruised around brissy boostin it up, i probably enjoyed that more then powercruise to be honest but thats just personal preference really, i think ill try go back to PC next year but theres a few things i need to still sort out on the car before im proper happy with it so ill plug away at it in the next 12 months and try make it down there again and hopefully i can attend for 3 days straight of getting chopped
  3. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    So my mate has released a brand. Its called "Black Hawk Car Care" and can be contacted through Facebook. He sells DIY kits so for guys like myself who can buff a little bit and Polish a panel etc this is the kit u want. Its awesome. I've done both my cars and the water bead is insane haha. Still to this day. And so God dam shineyyyyyy 👌 http://www.blackhawkcarcare.com/
  4. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Hey all. Haven't posted for a while been busy gettin car smicko ready for powercruise which was 2 weeks ago now. Anyways so I loaded the rig up and drove 2500km to brissy powercruise and back. Had a couple dramas before hand like one of the pumps in the holley dominator failed due to a filter being blocked and then one of the straps on the clutch snapped so had to go get a new clutch and fit it while I was i brisbane (yes I pulled and installed new clutch myself on a mates hoist) Huuuuuge thanks to Jason Gallagher mechanical services for the use of his hoist he saves my ass. Other then that powercruise was a success. Had the tune checked and a little bit of boost wound down and made stable before I went coz i wasnt sure how things went at pc and want it to last so went there with only 32psi in it 😂😂😂 and that was plenty to have fun in as you will see in the video. Until next time catch you 🖖😆
  5. Im chasing a gearbox. Pretty basic or the rear housing off one, dont care on internals could have stuffed gears i don't care just want the housing (not bellhousing the other housing) or a NEWER model 98+ complete z32 box. Thanks.
  6. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    alright some pics: closeup:
  7. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    And my mate still hasn't created a name for this paint protection stuff yet lol what a show
  8. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    I tried to log into this shit site on the computer it wouldn't let me so I tried to reset my password im still waiting for the 3 emails lol junkest site. And can't upload photos from my s6. Wtf is wrong with this place it used to be cool. Anyways I've broken the rear housing where it mounts to the gear shifter arrangement... if i remember later when im at home ill upload pics. Wouldnt mind a z33 box but then I'd have too many gears to change while dragging mofos lol
  9. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Minor update. Z32 rear housing decided to break. Un farking lucky. Pics for proof! I guess all them times I smacked 3rd fairly hard finally paid off lmao
  10. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Major update: So after the paint job back in 2014 i have had the shits with the paint. Long story short but old mate who painted it never got around to finishing off buffing it, so me and my mate did it over the weekend, First we claybarred it, then cut it back to correct the swirls that were in it from the painter guy who never ended up fixing the swirls, and tried to get rid of all the water marks that have accumulated on it since being painted (rain and tree sap and other general junk thats accumulated on the paint). Then we buffed it again but with a polish. Then we went over the whole car with paint protection that my mate is about to start selling. The paint protection is similiar to opti-coat or nanocoating etc. Only instead of paying a million dollars for some professional to do it, us pair of professionals did it. Anyways here's the result so you decide if u like the end result or not and leave a comment! Id love to hear your feedback!
  11. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    my boys new weapon
  12. High octane fuel

    If u can get some toluene or xylene from bunnings put 1-5Litres in and you will be sweet. It raises your octane in your fuel to help gaurd against knocking or pinging or detonation whichever term you prefer.
  13. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Soooo, I kinda been eyeing these plates off since I got the motor rebuilt the first time back in 2012, finally got around to gettin em. Looks good I think
  14. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Vids r on my fb. When I get around to it ill put it up on my youtube account.