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  1. this has been sold last year, forgot to update it cheers
  2. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/police-shoot-at-hoon-driver-20130213-2ebph.html and the aftermath http://www.rightnow.io/breaking-news/carrum-downs_bn_1360701386561.html Not sure who, what or which car club (if it ever was) but i live nearby and friday and saturday nights are a nightmare there, i hope the pricks that got caught are the same ones terrorising the neigbourhood as well, they deserve to get their cars crushed and licences cancelled permenantly for this kind of behaviour.
  3. Desperately seeking Mechanic for MR2 SW20

    Anson auto – Richmond IDB – Richmond (right next door to IDB) Both have several MR2s there at any given time and both know the car very well. I also suggest you join the MR2 forum of Australia if you haven’t already done so http://www.mr2australia.com/
  4. Guys have the above lenses for sale need some money for an overseas trip, lenses are in perfect condition 50mm still has a month warranty on it bought from from TEDS camera. box and manuals etc can throw in a hoya HMC filter for $20 sigma lense has some marks on the lens hood from the paint peeling (standard sigma issue, also shown in pics) otherwise everything is perfect on it comes with a kenko UV filter inspections welcome.. nikon 50mm - $125 Sigma 18-200 - $250 can work out a better price for anyone wanting both. will post interstate, buyer to pay for postage items are located in melbourne south east suburbs contact info steve -0403519252 most pics on my flickr account are from the sigma if you want to see what the lense can do D7K_7363 by Tucsonmr2, on Flickr D7K_7360 by Tucsonmr2, on Flickr D7K_7356 by Tucsonmr2, on Flickr D7K_7355 by Tucsonmr2, on Flickr D7K_7371 by Tucsonmr2, on Flickr
  5. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    HAunted Hills, IN MOE gippsland, ive been a few times its great fun.. http://www.victorianspeedevents.org/hillclimb.html cheers
  6. Hardtuned.net Sunday Sessions.

    theres a reason why there were that many cops, ill just leave it at that. special thanks goes to the D!Kh@DS THAT RUINED IT FOR EVERYON ELSE AT THE PREVIOUS FEW MEETS . and im blaming them for the defects handed out yestreday, i know its a harsh call, but thats the only reason the cops were there this time.
  7. Hardtuned.net Sunday Sessions.

    Word on the street is the Cops turned up..
  8. Samsung Galaxy S III

    MUCH BIGGER. its similar size to the HTC oneX.
  9. Few HDR Shot's I took the other day

    good work dude. what exposures did you use to get it, im assuming photmatrix. cheers
  10. Advice on first DSLR

    /\ They do, just need to know where to look
  11. Camera + Tripod + Moon

    NOPE i missed it as well as i had a birthday function i had to cover. totall forgot about it. someone here must have got it for sure... cheers
  12. Camera + Tripod + Moon

    damn man awsome pics, did you get any of the supermoon last staurday??
  13. Advice on first DSLR

    i have the D7000 and its not a camera for an amateure, its got a very advanced focusing system, and can be very frustrating sometimes. due to the high mpx count any slight shake while takign pics will show up and be very obvious. its not so much a problem with camera that have smaller resolutions. its a very good camera though and takes really, really nice low light shots. has a better FPS count, better resolution, better sensor etc i would go to the local shops and try it out and see for yourself. take your own memory card and use the D7000 and the D90 and take the same pics, go home and compare them and see what you think. my sister has the D90 and its an excellent camera give it the expensive lenses and its capable of doign some great shots. dont forget that these days shooting in raw is a easy way to get good pics as you can post process them to your hearts content.. so really a D90 can still do an awsome job also dont forget some of the D7000 cameras suffered from backfocusing, and most likey the cameras being sold second hand will be the ones that suffered from it. nothing that cant be fixed obviously if the camera is still under warranty its just a matter of recalibrating the focusing system and your good to go.
  14. Advice on first DSLR

    I HAVE THE 50MM on a crop frame camera its the equalent of around 80mm, so you loose a bit of view, you can always step back but that might not be possible every single time. try the 35mm and the 50mm and see what you prefer, i find the 50mm too close for some shots but have never used a 35mm prime, but in saying that its just easy to check both with a 18-55 lense if you have it. just set them to eacjh focal length and take pics and see what you prefer. i cant comment on the other two as ive not used them... sigma and tamron are good aftermarket lenses but some arent as compatible as the nikon lenses so you just have to be carefull. they are however much cheaper than the nikon equalent. just also remember having different focal lengths mean you have to carry them all around, also not a good idea changing lenses on a beach or in dusty/windy conditions, thats one reason i like a good zoom.
  15. Advice on first DSLR

    have you got any primes??, they are the best for low light but also restrict you in terms of range (no zoom) if going for a prime try both the 35 and 50mm and make up your mind on which one you want the cheaper D lenses dont have the focusing motors in them, so if you buy a cheaper DSLR they usually dont have the focusing motors built in so you cant use the cheaper D lenses on them ( you can use them but you loose autofocus and will have to manually focus with them) the D90 has the built in motors, so you can use non motorized lenses on them, not sure about the D5100 with effect to low light lenses anything with a F2.8 in a zoom is going to be a really, really good start. the primes due to beign a fixed lense can go much lower F numbers and give you better pics dont be fooled by the ultra zoom lenses with big reach they will struggle/take time to focus even in proper light let alone in low light they may be fine for a begginer but once you use realy fast lenses you will regret buying the slower ones. (the cheaper zooms are great when you have time on your hands) im not really sure what lenses you can get for your price range so im not going to reccomend anything only because ive not used many to reccomend them these are the ones ive used 50mm 1.8d (good prime lense and really cheap)- $170 odd new 18-55 kit lense, good for a kit lense and bang for buck - ebay has them for cheap 55-200 kit lense also good for kit lense and price - $150-200 18-105 kit lense, pretty good value and reasonable zoom range all in one - $200-300 prices are for new from last year could have changed now i havent looked sigma 50mm, 1.4ex, also an excellent lense but pricy ($550) 70-200v F2.8 vr2 ---- very, very good lense, but very, very expensive lense as well ($3k plus) 24-70 F2.8 vr ---- Excellent lense but also very expensive($1.5K) i would try and get a prime for sure as you can always use them somewhere, they take excellent pics in low light. for the rest if you short on cash the 18-105 is within your budget. the tamron you mentioned in your first post is also good but ive never used it so cant really comment there. ive also heard good reports on the 18-200 vr as being a really good versatile lense in terms of quality and ability to zoom all in one. if your buying the camera body then try and negotiate a deal for a good lense thrown in as well. just remeber for low light, the lower the F number on the lense the better, but that also means you pay more, so you have to draw the line somewhere. cheers