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  1. SIRdriftalot's N/A S13 / WHEELS NOW ON !

    HAHAHAH fkn Chris's head. Car looks better in real life. - Shaun
  2. UNC's S13

    Mis matched body colour, decent rims, lowness wish I had a bigger thumb to thumbs it up more! your car is tough nuts.
  3. 2002 Nissan Navara with SR20 det 6 speed "SLEEPER FROM NAM"

    This car is way to sweet reminds me of the Garage Miniz guys in japan (www.garageminiz.com) Maybe it will inspire you to get out there again. Sad news about you walling the s15.
  4. RB26 180 NOW FOR SALE! $12k

    I can't seem to find the "you like this" button
  5. closed

    nevermind. No response to either the PM I sent you a couple of days ago, or in this thread yesterday. So I bought a bar from Viva Garage instead. Just emailled them this morning and it's already been picked up by the courier - ah, customer service! Sorry champ I did Pm you, however looking at my send box its not there, It must have not gone through or something, Sorry again. - Shaun
  6. closed

    Pm sent.
  7. closed.

    Pm sent. Pm sent.
  8. 180 circuit build.

    lucky b*stard got a shell for 200!!! gl with everything mate, subscribed! - Shaun
  9. closed

    Sure do, Lidcombe sydney. All out champ.
  10. closed

    Pm sent.
  11. closed

    Pm sent.
  12. closed.

    Pm sent. Unfortunately we currently only hold the 180 front bars with ca blinkers.
  13. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    I'm sorry but last year was better. Everyone have a good scat recovery? LAWL