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  1. Koya Drift Tek 17 x 8 Gold

    advanced tyres in richmond sell drifteks.
  2. Calder Park Drift Practice Friday 27th July

    Cool will pay tomorow and send a text. How are numbers looking so far?
  3. Calder Park Drift Practice Friday 27th July

    So are there any spots left or how does it work with entries going to try see if can get the day off work today.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows the laws for towing with a strap in victoria is it legal? considering if theres a person in the towed car and the brakes and steering is operational?
  5. is it legal tow car with strap?

    Just found link on vicroads it says its legal. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/WhatHasToBeRegistered/HowToRegisterYourVehicle/MovingUnregisteredVehicle.htm
  6. Have dented my sump and just cant decide whether its worth taking off and fixing or not a big deal. Here are a couple of pics.
  7. Dented sump in r33 worth fixing?

    Yeah I did do half a drift day with it and didnt have any probelms so I think ill leave it til I actually rip engine out another time and just make a sump guard.
  8. Recommend driving offences lawyer.

    Lawyers arent cheap, you wont really find one thats willing to represent you for under a 1000 it just comes down to how bad the offence is and if its worth getting a lawyer to get a much better result.
  9. Recommend driving offences lawyer.

    ahahah fatality
  10. Recommend driving offences lawyer.

    Morrabbin http://mklawfirm.com.au/
  11. Recommend driving offences lawyer.

    Best lawyer michael kulziny mk law firm.
  12. If I dont plug the abs sensors into the front knuckles will the brakes just operate as normal just without abs? or will it stuff everything up.
  13. removing abs sensors

    Thanks thats what I was hoping for.
  14. Thermo fans VS Clutch fan

    I run stock clutch fan and koyo 53mm rad and in 40 degree weather at matsuri this we temps didnt go past 95 with 30 min continous sessions.
  15. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Cant stop watching that backward entry vid thats crazy top driving man.
  16. xx

    yeah some of the slip on ones are really tight fit and dont go on freely over the thread and if you force them you could end up stripping it, they should just go on without any force and you wont have any problems with stripping if they do.
  17. Yeah you can just not show up in court and they will just give you the fine again.
  18. Youve got a few ways out of this. As you said your getting fulls in a couple of months one just ignore it and take it 2 court which will buy you a shitload of time since court summons takes months and months and you can always ajourn a couple of times so that will easily buy you enough time or you just dont pay the fine until you get your fulls as said above you dont lose the points til you pay the fine since it works by vic police processing the fine part and once thats processed they pass on the info to vicroads to subtract points.
  19. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    I would Weld another plate over the top and side where youve extended it and probably should of welded a bigger brace on the bottom of it that covers the whole section of where you added the curve.
  20. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    The only problem you could have is that your tie rods might now be too long if you still got stock knuckles and stock LCA but yeah as in how much travel you get will depend on how much the rack can travel and where your lockstops are and how much you shorten them by.
  21. xx

    Decided to avoid last min rushing lolso started getting my shit together the day after members day last year so just finished last big job today relocating loom to enginebay today (big drainer) and now just got to stock up on shitload of tyres and weld on some lockstops, make camera mount and ready to skid.
  22. Just wanting to remove my mongoose m60 alarm system and go back to stock anyone got any easy ways of doing it? Im not really fussed about removing all the physical wiring and boxes themselves just cut whatever needs to be cut and joined to make it work standard again.
  23. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Definately agree for anyone who is interested to read thread from start to finish not only will it probably have the answer to your problem but you will gain a massive understanding on steering and suspension from all the info.
  24. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    If you look at the tie rod the side that you screw into the rack when its in, it sits flush with the square part so no matter how long the tie rod is it cant go in any further but with spacers they are the same size as the rack so they ofset the tie rod and allow it to go in more. In regards to limit it depends on how much extra travel your particlar rack can go for exp. R33 racks max can only travel 4 mm each side so if you put a bigger spacer wouldnt make a diff. But i think s14 allows 10 mm or so travel.