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  1. Where can I get this chocolate bar?

    i gotta try this!!! no more goats anus for me either lol
  2. Muscle car for a video clip

    Maybe scope out the SMASA cruise this Saturday night? Starts at the Gepps X home maker centre at 7.30pm
  3. just means that you've left valuables in view whilst being away from your car....i got 1 too lol and called them!
  4. Speeding Fines in SA

    i haven't but as its 45kms over i think you lose your licence for 6 mths... :-( Big speed - dare i ask where?
  5. Car crushing

    It seems like such a waste of car to me.......BUT if the driver learns from it then so be it eh?
  6. Fitness

    I'm a gym gurl I love Body Attack, RPM etc - but pole dancing does sound like fun!!!
  7. Cougar Raceway

    Has any1 seen this: http://www.cougar-raceway.com.au/content/street-racers The new raceway has a name - so is it really full steam ahead? (I think) this is a different mob to the motorplex... Thought some1 might be interested in putting their name down in the 'hoons to heroes' page
  8. Also, some slightly more good news on da defect topic... I went on the ACC run on Saturday night, cops present - not one defect was issued!!! And there were plenty of defects around. Maybe things are changing?

    Saw a tuff lookin black r34 on Friday parked near the side entrance to Tea Tree Plus....
  10. Pretty Motorsport

    Cool thanx
  11. Have i missed something? I cant get onto the site
  12. minor defect

    yea, they can look for other defects - but if you go at a busy time you might be lucky that they dont go searching
  13. STOLEN! BLUE 180SX

    any updates? I hate losers that steal other pipls stuff! Karma!
  14. I think its more about the way the car is being driven, than what type of car it is..... *ok, you can throw rocks at me now*.... BUT, we all know there r cops that target certain types of cars, imports, commodores, p plates whateva - but what is it that 'really' gets their attn? Shiny duco, stockies on the back or the fact it took a corner too fast and drifted??