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  1. My S14a, the blue poo

    so nothings happened with my car lately apart from my clutch letting go... as my power goals are 260/270rwkw can anyone recommend a clutch that will handle that power(never had to change a clutch so i know nothing about them!), also keep in mind its pretty much daily driven, thanks in advance
  2. Lols, the part I like most is that Toyota never/barely (not sure) used the 2JZ in competition... the Super GT/GT500 supra's started off using 4T-GTE's, then moved to 3S-GTE's, until they moved to V8's. At least Nissan can claim to have ruined international motorsport with RB power. Hahaha this is the best thing ever said!
  3. new to silvias! got my first S15 today :D check it!

    Love the weather shields and factory aero! Hot! What rims are on it? (Can't tell from my phone!)
  4. new to silvias! got my first S15 today :D check it!

    Agree PSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT is gay lol Flutter brings all the girls to the yard PSSSTTTTTTTT is awesome if you have a Suba...... No even then still gay
  5. Why don't many people put VE heads on SR's?
  6. My S14a, the blue poo

    Yea! But There's a fair few different styles, like staggered length, then also ones that point up or just straight. I'm unsure what would look best on my car...!
  7. My S14a, the blue poo

    Thanks mate, but all I need is mufflers as I've got a 3" system already, although if he can weld up a twin pipe/blast pipe I might be interested
  8. My S14a, the blue poo

    Ok, it's up and running, but I'm gettin miss firing issues with any amount of decent boost so I need new coil packs.... And my exhaust is too restrictive as well! Unfortunately I have no money for either so it'll have to wait for now! I'm only pulling about 195rwkw, which is still pretty quick for me, probably the quickest car I've driven
  9. FLY14A, all the bolton shiz

    Yea crazy! Obviously a different turbz as well, the stock ones max out at at 200rwkw! So considering you've got 200 on 12psi!
  10. FLY14A, all the bolton shiz

    203kw on 12psi?
  11. Not making power?

    How much more power did it make with out the exhaust Not any extra up top but a lot down low + mid!
  12. Not making power?

    He dropped the exhaust from the cat back and it made more low/mid power even a lot more boost lower down! So new cat back system and coil packs abd ill be making the power it should be!
  13. my daily S14

    Hahahaha classic good effort!
  14. Not making power?

    Agreed Your tuner should know what to test , how to test Haha na I trust him, it just piqued my interest if it would be anything else!
  15. Not making power?

    The spark plugs are gapped to .8 apparently he took the exhaust off from the cat and it made extra power! So defineatly new coil packs when I've got the cash for the extra boost!