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  1. Ah, forgot to mention that bit! Located southern suburbs, Will hunt around, cheers fellas!
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering where everyone gets their supplies from? Im after some simple flat bar and have no idea where to look. A mate at work said that Stratco superstore at St. Marys sell steel supplies. Anyone got any suggestions on where to go! Cheers guys
  3. generic topic title

    ^^ Trailer is tops
  4. generic topic title

    Any updates mate?
  5. generic topic title

    hows the 70 going?
  6. F*ck the queen. Problem?

    this this thiss!!
  7. Spend 100 bucks on a roller and give it a crack yourself, not very hard if you take your time.
  8. generic topic title

    you have too many awesome cars
  9. generic topic title

    Lovin' the KE70 XX, been looking for one but seem to be hard to find!!
  10. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    How long do you rekon you'll last till the W58 blows? Interested to see!