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  1. efr 6258 t4

    Awesome, keep us updated with how it goes. What EX manifold are you going with?
  2. efr 6258 t4

    Nice results. Keen to see how much better a similar setup would be with VCT and a T4 t/s housing. Overkill for a 350hp goal. Plus a certain big fist mate hasn’t had the best experience with his, so it’s not a compelling option.
  3. efr 6258 t4

    Soo, almost 7 months later... Anyone here who purchased the 6758 have any updates / results??
  4. Came across some interesting posts on this forum that may be helpful to someone here considering the upgrade. (http://forums.kilometermagazine.com/showthread.php?8333993-Garrett-GTX-Gen2-thoughts)
  5. R33 rear brakes on s14

    From what I saved off an old traction rod thread on the nissan road racing forum - Stock = 8.25" / 209mm bolt to bolt.
  6. efr 6258 t4

    All the current gtx28's are being discontinued in favour of their new gen 2 gtx28 lineup which only offers the gtx2860 and gtx2867, just look at the garret website. Apparently they've been redesigned for more power so no need for all the variants I guess.
  7. Definitely don't let it go, they should be reimbursing you the total cost of the knuckles at the very least... I'd send them an invoice for the air conditioner install ($3200) plus an overdue fee ($300) after getting screwed like that.
  8. S15 Cradle movement?

    Kind of hard to believe engine mounts would cause your issues. Especially since you just installed a fresh poly gearbox mount. Have you checked the front and rear lca ball joints? Done a complete front end bolt check? Any steering rack play?
  9. S15 Cradle movement?

    Those symptoms alone point to worn subframe and diff bushes. Prior to installing solid subframe and diff bushes, my S15 had a similar feel of being delayed and sloppy when cornering. Its hard to tell the condition of those bushes from under the car with everything still attached. But when you remove the subframe and diff, stick a screwdriver in the subframe and diff mounts and wiggle it around then you'll be surprised how much play is in those 14 - 17 year old rubber bushes.
  10. Yeah there are a dozen or more clips behind each skirt.
  11. Dayyuummm Pete! Nice progress.
  12. Well if your current setup fouls on the suspension you would want to downsize to avoid that. Mostly because Advan AD08s are wider than most tyres and their 245 for example might be close tread width wise as your current 255s, giving you the same clearance issues.. Since you said you weren’t a fan of the rims, wouldn’t it make sense to get new rims that fit with your hopes of getting traction in first gear. Otherwise just flare those rear guards and get the 265s.
  13. The ideal tyre sizes for those sized rims would be - 265/35/18 rears & 245/35/18 fronts But going back to your first post you said the 255 / 18x9.5 +18 rears scraped your coilovers... I'm assuming that's because your running a massive amount of negative camber to get them under the guards? If so your quest for grip is going to be handicapped by the size/offset of your rear wheels.