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  1. MIKs S15 ADM

    Awesome changes. I've never seen that many jdm options! What's next?
  2. S15 adm parts melbourne

    Do you by any chance have: - stereo brackets - stock intercooler with piping Thanks
  3. S15 Stock Intercooler & fuel pump.

    Would you take $150 delivered for the inter cooler. I'm in Melb. 3153 Let me know
  4. S15 Coil Packs

    Should be pretty easy to hear/test coil pack failure. If it runs like a dog, then that's your problem. 1 of mine started to give way and it was pretty obvious. Replaced all of them and fixed the problem. Got genuine OEM from here: http://www.amayama.com/ U need to exact part number. Pretty sure I paid
  5. You'll also need the fog lights relay. You can use your HID 1 if they've been removed
  6. What exhaust you got on there? I recently put my old exhaust back on and having the same issue. I know it's my cat though.
  7. S15 Wreck

    That's a decent wreck. So sad to see another 1 down. Be at least 10k to fix that...
  8. what is your latest purchase?

    Got one of these the other day: http://www.2ndsworld.com.au/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_lightbox/images/products/EN520R.JPG Awesome coffee machine!
  9. My S14 Series II

    Nice buy. I dont mind the silver...
  10. Do you budget?

    I used to budget 5 years ago. Now with 2 mortgages I just make sure I look after all expenses, buy what I need, put away what I don't spend and have at least 1 o/s holiday a year. Life's too short to live on a budget
  11. Fully synthetic is a must. I use motul gear 300. It's about $45 per litre
  12. s15 fog lights - help a homie

    Changing the stalk is very very easy. Undo everything, unplug old stalk, plug in new one and you're done. Let me know if you need help because I did mine about 6 months ago to get my fogs working. Luckily mine just needed the stalk because everything else was already connected.
  13. Anyone know a good mechanic for a RWC?

    I'm in Bayswater
  14. Got a major defect today for the following: - ride height(50mm) - pod filter - emissions control Chucked my old exhaust on already to get it legal, but was wondering if anyone knows a trustworthy mechanic who can issue a roadworthy(without ripping me off)? also if you know what the hell emissions controls is? Car is a pretty stock s15 with the following: - Pod - Coilovers - Cat back No engine mods Any help would be great! Cheers
  15. S15 Fog light relay part number

    Not sure about the part number but I used the HID relay when connecting mine. My car came with fog lights but no relay and no switch so it never worked. I got a indicator stalk with fog light switch and used the HID relay, and now it works. Not sure if that helps...